My name is La Cracha (pronounced Lacrisha).

This blog will consist of HONEST reviews of comic books I’m currently reading, have read in the past, or just have to pick up and read because of all the media hype.  

I do not  sugarcoat my reviews and I get straight to the point.  This site is intended to help new and returning comic book readers make decisions on what to read.  I do not read any reviews of comics that I am blogging about until after I have published my own posts.

I began reading comics as a child.  As a teenager I started to slack once I started reading every magazine for teenage females I could get my hands on.

How did I get back into the game?  Glad you asked.  My ex-husband and kids are comic nerds, and my ex went to the comic shop almost every Wednesday after work while we were married.  

I eventually decided to stop buying all those parenting, cooking, and other mommy/wifely magazines and go back to  where I belong, the world of comics.  Besides, I have a special needs child and all those tips, advice, recipes, and family vacation ideas don’t work in my non-traditional household.

Don’t expect to see a fancy site. I am a writer, not a designer. I have Adobe’s Creative Suite, but I focus on words, not flashy layouts and designs.  I’ll jazz it up a little, eventually.

Thanks for stopping by!

What do you think?

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