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Ghosted #1 Review


I read a lot of comic books, but not all of them are able to grab and hold my attention.  I can honestly say that Ghosted, a supernatural and horror comic series published by Image Comics, is not one of those comics.  Thanks to Joshua Williamson, writer, I became an instant feign within the first few pages.

Jackson T. Winters, a criminal mastermind, was retrieved from prison during a staged riot.  Markus Schrecken, a wealthy collector of supernatural artifacts, has commissioned Winters to steal a ghost from the haunted Trask Mansion for his collection.

Winters accepts the job, but on his terms.  He gets to select his own team, a 50s style tailor-made suit, and a Russian prostitute that doesn’t even have to be Russian.  Although she was Schrecken’s choice, and not Winters, psychic Edzia Rusnak is a part of Winters team of paranormal experts.  Winters don’t trust her, and I don’t trust her either.

Williamson did a phenomenal job with the set-up of this story.  Excellent script.  The plan (well, we really don’t know how they’re going to capture a ghost yet), key players, everything.  All laid out for us in the first issue.  Now that’s what I call a writing mastermind.  Perfect timing.  Wonderful cast of characters, each with distinct personalities.  Fast-paced but not hard to follow.  Ghosted is action-packed from page one, a feature you don’t see too often in comic books.

Goran Sudzuka (artist) and Miroslav Mrva (colorist) provided the visuals.  Since I am a horror and paranormal fan, I appreciate Sudzuka and Mrva’s stunning artwork to the max.  It gives that eerie feeling that’s needed for a story of this genre.  I am a hardcore paranormal fan so I especially like the swarm of ghosts at the end.  Magnificent.

I read a variety of comic books, both mainstream and indie comics.  There is no doubt that I am going to continue with the series, as I am already craving the next issue.  I plan to purchase the rest of the first arc, then buy volume 2 (issues 6-10).  According to Image’s website, the release date for issue #11 is July 9, 2014.

In case  you can’t find all the single issues, or collected volumes at your local comic shop, you can purchase and read them on Comixology.  That’s how I read this issue.  I love the guided view.

VERDICT (drum roll please)
Ghosted is a must-read indie comic.  I strongly recommend this title.  This issue receives 5/5 stars.

Hoax Hunters #13 Review


While a review copy of Hoax Hunters #13 quenched my thirst, I can’t wait until its release date of January 8, 2013.  Holding a print copy in my hands will provide instant gratification, especially with Christian Dibari (artist) and Mike Spicer (colorist) providing the visuals.

The season finale is here, and will leave you in a WTF moment.  And the ending is more dark and twisted than all the issues combined.

While fighting the demon, in an effort to secure the Book of All Futures, Regan makes the shocking discovery that she’s more powerful than she realizes.  Fearing that Regan’s connection to the book will be discovered, Donovan warns her that they must flee to safety.

Meanwhile, the moment we’ve been waiting for is here.  Or is it?  Up until now, Jack Lawson, the handsome team leader, has been a loyal member of the Hoax Hunters.  But throughout the series, he’s been harboring his own hidden agenda on the sly.  Jack has been searching for his father, who went missing years before.  Earlier in the series, Jack was supposed to have given Donovan a multiverse device.  But he gave Donovan a replica of the device instead.  He kept the original to aid in the search for his father.  Getting into a heated argument with his dad’s business partner, Borges, only escalated the situation.  But this time, Jack has gone way too far.

Once again, Moreci and Seeley produced another dark and twisted horror story.  Hoax Hunters is definitely one of the best horror comics on the market.  Myths are explored with sharp dialogue and great character interactions.  Regan is so powerful, it’s scary.  Although I don’t fully trust Donovan, he does appear to have some good in him.  Jack appears to have gone stone crazy, and Murder is, well Murder.  You can’t read an issue of Hoax Hunters and not mention Murder, the crow filled spacesuit.

Dibari and Spicer are to blame for the eye-popping visuals, especially the chupacabras.  I also like when Donovan changes from a fine-looking young man into a demonic beast.

Without giving any spoilers, I’m posting a couple of pages so you can get a taste of both dialogue and art.  So if you’re looking for spoilers, sorry but you’re reading the wrong blog.



Now that Season 1 of Hoax Hunters is finished, the creative team is taking a break before Season 2.  If you want to read the first season in its entirety, then don’t pay outrageous prices on eBay.  Buy the trades or read them here.

If you’re a fan of horror, mythology, Mythbusters and X-Files, then Hoax Hunters, published by Image Comics, is a title you definitely should be reading.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I give this issue 5/5 stars.

Rat Queens #2 Review


The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply to the cover of Rat Queens, a new comic series by Image Comics/Shadowline. Whether they’re drunk or sober, I wouldn’t go near any one of these kick ass battle maidens for anything. They might beat you down to a pulp at the blink of an eye.

The Queens are:

  • Violet – Dwarf, level-headed
  • Dee – Human, cleric, atheist, healing powers, level-headed
  • Hannah – Elf, mage, shows leadership, aggressive, hot-headed, full of attitude
  • Betty – Hobbit with a large sexual appetite, bubbly personality

In the debut issue of this dark, supernatural comedy, the Queens were thrown in the dungeon after a brawl. In exchange for their release, they had to complete a quest, getting rid of goblins from Hindman Cave. The female mercenaries arrived at the cave and found a ninja assassin waiting for them.

After defeating a giant troll in the current issue, the Queens realized a hit had been placed on them, and the other mercenary teams. By the way, I like Brother Ponies, they all wear ponytails! Now the Queens has to venture out on a quest of their own, find the person(s) who wants them dead.

The Queens are four hipster badass women that steps down to no one. They love bar brawls, getting drunk and mushrooms. They also have different personalities, which definitely shows in the dynamic script written by Kurtis J. Wiebe.

Being a fan of dark and the supernatural, it came as no surprise that I found the artwork, by Ron Upchurch, to be awesome. I especially like the fight scenes, and the giant, nasty-looking troll. I also like the fine details of the characters, in regards to appearance, facial expressions and especially height!

I knew from its debut issue that I would continue reading this entertaining comic to see where it’s going. I am already enjoying this title. Character interactions are funny, and I love Hanna’s aggressiveness. She’s full of attitude and will probably slice you in half just for looking at her the wrong way. And I think Betty is adorable. She may be diminutive in size, and wears a pretty (and sometimes drunk) smile, but she will gouge your eyes out, just like she did to that troll. If you like booze, bar brawls, and feisty kick-ass women, then Rat Queens is definitely for you.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title to mature readers of dark, supernatural and mythology.

Hoax Hunters #11 Review


TITLE:  Hoax Hunters #11
WRITER:  Michael Moreci
WRITER:  Steve Seeley
ARTIST:  T-Rex Jones
RELEASE DATE:  October 9, 2013

I jumped at the opportunity for a review copy of this title. Besides the fact that I’m able to read one of my favorite comic titles before its’ release date, I can also persuade (or at least attempt it) readers to grab a copy at their local comic shop.

Jack and the rest of the team, except Regan, are investigating thunderbird sightings that have been reported across three states. These larger-than-life creatures are wreaking a massive amount of havoc, not to mention the Hoax Hunters don’t have what may be their most powerful weapon with them on this mission, Regan. The team gets attacked by these huge, demonic-looking creatures and of course, Jack is not buying it. When a team member gets snatched up by a thunderbird, her childhood friend comes to her aid.

Meanwhile, Donovan and Regan are in South America searching for the Book of All Futures, and the demon that’s tied to the book’s curse. The Book of All Futures is a powerful but dangerous relic that could prove catastrophic if it falls into the wrong hands. Regan sensed Donovan was holding back from her (I’ve always said he’s not to be trusted), so he tells her what may be his darkest secret, the truth about himself. But is Donovan really telling Regan the truth? And will she fall for it?

Moreci and Seeley continues to produce mind-blowing, adrenaline-inducing, horror stories that will leave you a feind for the next issue. Character interactions are eerie and Murder and Ken Cadaver creeps me out even more than Donovan.

I laughed to myself after reading this issue because I had forgotten all about thunderbirds, large legendary creatures. Up until a few days ago, I only remembered mixing my Thunderbird with lemonade kool-aid back in the day!

This dark, fun-to-read story was brought to life by T-Rex. His ghastly art with dark shadows and tones adds to that adrenaline rush from Moreci and Seeley.

In my first and second reviews of Hoax Hunters, I lectured about buying single issues instead of waiting for the trade. Well, those lectures remain unchanged.

It is more than obvious that I will continue to read Hoax Hunters. If not, then go back and re-read the first paragraph where I said that it’s one of my favorite comic titles.

By the way, I hashtagged thunderbirds on Twitter! You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read issue #11 on Wednesday.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title to all fans and readers of dark, horror and sci-fy.

Sex Criminals #1 Review


Sex Criminals. The title alone, followed by the cover art, was enough to pique my interest. After reading this debut issue by Image Comics, I can honestly say that my interest has been satisfied.

The series follows the life of Suzie, a beautiful female that has the supernatural ability to literally stop time whenever she has an orgasm. Discovering her ability at a young age, Suzie turns to the “dirty girls” at school, physician, and her mother for answers. But it was the library that captivated Suzie, and it was during her library-saving party that she met Jon and learned that he has the gift as well.

Sex Criminals is unlike any other comic on the market. It is sci-fi sexual comedy, not a dirty joke book. I can think of a lot of things that I would do if I could freeze time and rob banks, and that list does not include saving a library! But that’s what makes this series so funny and engaging. It’s not your everyday robbing banks to spend it all on high-end homes, luxury cars, yachts, lavish parties, and whatever else thieves spend their cash on.

This title contains strong sexual content, and is for mature readers who are not afraid of sexuality.

Matt Fraction is the writer of this hilarious, yet interesting series. I especially like how the adult Suzie looks and talks directly to readers while narrating the younger Suzie’s backstory. Rachel’s lesson on sex to Suzie is complete with illustrations, definitely worth the laughs it received from me. The script is full of powerful dialogue and page turners.

The phenomenal artwork comes from the hands of Chip Zdarsky. The panels where Suzie floated across the floor as Jon recited her favorite book, Lolita, is funny, yet seductive. I especially like the rainbow of colors that fills the room when Suzie is in “the quiet,” and the way she walks around while everyone is frozen. I can’t forget to mention Rachel’s illustrations! Visual storytelling at its’ best.

As a person who loves sci-fi, comedy and not afraid of sexuality, I can definitely say that I plan to read the next issue.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I definitely recommend this title to mature readers.

Morning Glories #30 Review


What? You have got to be kidding. Let me get this straight. Irina and Ms. Daramount are sisters? Those are the reactions I yelled out loud to myself while reading this dark, supernatural and mysterious story.

This issue of Morning Glories is focused solely on Irina, the beautiful but extremely dangerous rifle-toting leader of the Truants. She was taught aggression and assassin skills at an early age by her mother, a woman who appeared to be mentally unstable. Irina’s childhood training included the killing of five men, hired by her mother to rape and kill Irina, without her weapons because her mother removed them prior to the attack.

The story also introduces Mr. N., a teacher at Morning Glory Academy. Mr. N. told Irina that his name is difficult for most tongues to pronounce. At the moment I don’t know what he means by that, but my mind is already set to not trust him. Mr. N. mostly works off-campus as he helps those students that require a direct focus curriculum. In other words, he works with gifted students. He cooks Irina a hearty breakfast, and as they begin to eat he tells her that he’s surprised she didn’t try to kill him. “First I eat, then I kill you” was her response. Of course I laughed out loud at those two panels. I especially like the scenes after Irina finished eating. I’m not giving spoilers, you have to buy and read the story for yourself.

For those that don’t already know, Morning Glories is a dark, horror, supernatural and mysterious series published by Image. All of the students that attend Morning Glory Academy, a prestigious boarding school, share the same birthday. Parents are instructed to cease ALL communication with their child once they leave for the school. Those that don’t heed the school’s warning suffer deadly consequences. The school harbors dark secrets, staff tortures the students, and there is a ghost named David that lurks the hallways.

I am still enjoying this title. Nick Spencer is the writer of this dark, confusing and mysterious series. Dialogue is always at its’ best and leaves you craving for more.

The creative art team includes Joe Eisma (art), Rodin Esquejo (cover), Paul Little (colors), Johnny Lowe (letters) and Tim Daniel (design). I have nothing but high praises for this team and they all deserve a round of applause. This may be Eisma’s best issue yet. The characters are lifelike with an enormous amount of attention to detail, especially facial expressions and body posturing. You can even see the lines on Irina’s cheeks while she is chewing her food. The fight scenes are awesome. Remember this is Irina we’re dealing with in this issue, so you know the majority of the story would involve violence. Of course I loved every minute of it as Irina is one of my favorite characters in this series.

At the end of the story you will find a condensed version of Study Hall by Matthew Meylikhov. Also at the back of the book is Morning Glory Babies strip by Meylikhov and Eisma. Speaking of Study Hall, don’t forget to head over to Multiversity Comics for the detailed study session of this issue.

There is no doubt that I am going to continue to read this title. If I had to reduce the number of comics I read every month, Morning Glories would definitely be far away from the chopping block.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title.