Young Avengers #2 Review


I didn’t like Young Avengers #1 at all, so I didn’t make any plans to read this issue.  I gave in and read it on the 2nd day of its’ release.  I have to admit that I like it better than the debut issue.

Wiccan cast a spell and summoned Hulkling’s mother from another dimension, but strange things start to happen shortly after her arrival.  Wiccan, Hulkling and Loki appear to be the only ones that can see things are not right.

Again, I liked this issue much better than the first.  Just as with issue #1, this issue also focused mainly on Wiccan and Hulkling.  Hawkeye, Miss America Chavez and Noh-Varr are not in this issue.

The dialogue is well written and has great pacing.  I would like the interactions between the characters even more if Kieron Gillen make the Young Avengers more like typical teenagers.  Rebellious.  Attitude.  There’s too much happy-go-lucky talking going on in the story.  Throw in some smart aleck or snide comments here and there.  I think Kid Loki is funny.  He makes the perfect mischiveous tween.

Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton and Mattew Wilson did a great job with the artwork.  I like the detailed facial expressions, especially those of Hulking’s mother.  And I love that big and scary picture of (I won’t spoil it) on the last page.

Young Avengers is reader friendly for all ages.  Although I don’t know for sure how long I’ll be reading this Marvel NOW! title, I can definitely say I will finish the story arc.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend Young Avengers if you like teen and young adult comics.  Or if you’re looking for a story that’s reader friendly for all ages.