Age of Ultron #1 Review


Ultron has arrived in the Marvel NOW! Universe.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the nice Age of Ultron #1 foil cover.  Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Age of Ultron #1 is the first of a 10-issue limited series.

For those who may not know, Ultron is one of the baddest super-villains in the Marvel Universe.  Dr. Hank Pym created this criminally minded artificial intelligence.  Ultron’s goal has always been to destroy humanity.

The story begins with the destruction of humanity already taken place.  The Marvel Universe has been destroyed by Ultron.  New York City, where this issue takes place, is covered under what appears to be a blue dome-shaped structure.  It’s obvious that survival and trust are themes in this series.  After Hawkeye rescued Spider-Man, they received a cold welcome by some of the surviving superheroes.  The cold welcome stems from Hawkeye being told not to return if he left to search for surviving heroes.  The way Hawkeye and Spider-Man were rough-housed by Luke Cage and She-Hulk, I’d say the policy is strictly enforced.

This is one Marvel NOW! title that I’m sure I’ll enjoy throughout the entire series.  It’s gripping and eye-popping from page one.  The dialogue is well written.  The interactions among the characters are realistic.  Bendis did a great job with the set-up for this story.  He dived right in and started after Ultron’s destruction of humanity.  I laughed at a couple of panels at the beginning, but I cried on the last page.

The artwork is great.  Bryan Hitch (penciler), Paul Neary (inker) and Paul Mounts (colors).  Well detailed.  There’s a few earth-shaking panels.  Literally.  You can actually see it in the panels.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  I really like that technique.  The colors are outstanding, thanks to Mounts.  I especially like the explosive panels.  One of the blasts is so bright, I felt as if I was in that panel!  The art team did a superb job with visual storytelling.

I enjoyed the first issue and I definitely plan to read the entire series, especially with Bendis being the writer.  I want to know who’s going to survive this apocalypse.  Iron Man?  Wolverine?  Emma Frost?  WHO is going to survive?  And HOW?


If you like action then you will definitely want to read Age of Ultron.  I have a feeling the creative team will not let us down.