Delayed Blog Posts

My apology for the delay in reviews. Being sick all week has left me with very little energy. I plan to be back in the swing of things within the next couple of days.

My blog contains comics:

  • I currently read
  • hyped by the media
  • requested by others for me to read and review

If there’s a character I’m not familiar with, I like to research his/her background. I will also share these stories.

My reviews within the next couple days (before New Comic Book Wednesday) will include Deadpool 6, Justice League of America 2, Nova 2, and Avenging Spider-Man 18.

I will start blogging about Wonder Woman and Justice League as soon as I can. I read A LOT of titles and I’m trying my hardest to get caught up.

I am also considering trying something new on my blog. I’ll give it more thought over the next few days.

As always, I welcome any and all thoughts, comments and suggestions. By the way, I’ve talked so much about me, I haven’t asked about YOU. Shame on me! What is everyone reading?