Avenging Spider-Man #18 Review


In the Avenging Spider-Man series, by Marvel Comics, Superior Spider-Man teams up with a character or team in every issue.  In this issue he teams up with The Mighty Thor, God of Thunder, in a battle against Electro.

Electro has found a way to return to Earth, after being shot into space by Thor.  Superior Spider-Man warns Thor of Electro’s return, and that he may be returning to seek vengeance against Thor.  An arrogant Thor laughs and takes the warning lightheartedly.

An angered Spider-Man sought out Electro and learned of his plans to destroy Thor.  He tried to warn Thor a second time, but Thor brushed him off again.  But not for long.  Electro appears and the battle begins.

I started reading this series at issue #16 because of the debut of Superior Spider-Man.  And he is no different from the way he is in the  Superior Spider-Man series.  His true identity (Otto Octavius) is not known.  There is a panel where Superior Spider-Man told Thor to remove his hand from his shoulder, and Thor was astonished.

Avenging Spider-Man is written by Christopher Yost.  Well-written script and I especially like the interactions between Superior Spider-Man and Thor.  They’re both funny, but Spider-Man is funny AND serious at the same time.

I like the artwork.  Marco Checchetto is the artist, and Rachelle Rosenberg is the colorist.  I really like the colors in the fight scenes.  There’s a panel where the lighting is so bright, I almost had to squint to look at it.  I especially like that one!

So far I am liking what I’m reading so I plan to continue to read this Marvel title.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this series.  If you’re a reader of Superior Spider-Man, hopefully you are already reading Avenging Spider-Man.