Screwed #1 Review


Imagine waking up in a hospital covered in scars, not knowing who you are, and everyone you see is a monster. That’s what is happening to the lead female character in this story, only it’s real.

The story takes place in Morris County, New Jersey. Anne (name has not yet been revealed, it’s mentioned in next month’s sneak peek at the end of the story) awakes from a coma in a hospital room not only covered in scars, but looking as if her body has been dissected and sewn back together. Then massive chaos takes place. A monster named Suture attacks her in the room, but she is able to ward him off with her unexpected superhuman strength. She escapes from the hospital, taking down several monsters that tried to stop her on her way out. FBI agent Erin Scott arrives on the scene to investigate, but her efforts are thwarted by Simon Beckett, a conniving looking secret agent.

Anne’s mind seems to be fragmented as well. She has no recollection of her identity or what happened to her, and everyone she sees is a monster. While in the coma, she had a sense of smell and sound, so she was able to hear the location of where she was found. That is all she has to go on for now.

Anne soon discovers that her body goes though a cycle:

  • pain
  • darkness
  • jolts of electricity flows through her body
  • monsters appear
  • she has uncontrollable rage
  • her surroundings become quiet

It sounds to me like someone has implanted a demented defibrillator in her body.

Screwed is a mini series published by Zenescope. This story held my undivided attention and I was hooked from the beginning. It is a twisted, modern-day Frankenstein horror story. It is full of monsters, blood baths, insanity and deception. And I LOVE IT. I am a reader of Zenescope comics, so I already knew what I was in for with this title. And I was not disappointed with this debut issue.

Tyler Kirkham and Keith Thomas are the writers of this action filled story. This Zenescope quality script is intense, and Kirkham and Thomas did a great job in setting up the story.

The art team consists of David Miller (pencils) and Oracle (colors). These guys did an excellent job on the monsters. I am a horror fan so I jumped and laughed at the same time.

The only complaint I have is the cover art. Zenescope is known for scantily clad dressed women on its’ covers, setting them apart from other publishers. That is also my indication that it’s a Zenescope title. So I probably would have overlooked this comic at the store, unless I knew ahead of time what the story was about.

But then again, I won’t complain. I love horror, suspense, fantasy and twisted tales. I enjoyed reading Screwed #1 and definitely plan to continue reading this mini series.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title for all horror comic readers.