Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz #1 Review


The warped-minded creators at Zenescope are at it again.  Oz is the fourth realm of power in the Grimm Universe, and a lot of havoc is about to be wreaked.  This new series is a twist on the beloved classic Wizard of Oz.  It’s Zenescope, so you know this series is going to be an action-adventure fantasy.  Dark fantasy of course.  But in case you don’t already know, they are known for taking classic tales and spinning them into horrific stories.  Dark, horror, mystic, and all the other creepy fun stuff.

The witches of Oz are on a hunt for a powerful weapon called the Veridian Scepter.  They are led to a farm in Kansas where they meet the heroine, Dorothy.  There is also auntie Em and Uncle Henry.  And what would the story be like without Toto?  Just don’t expect a cute little dog.

Joe Brusha is the writer.  He combined elements of the original story with elements of the Grimm Universe to create one high quality dark adventure.   Great characterizations and well paced.

The art team includes Rolando Di Sessa (pencils), Glauber Matos (inks) and Grostieta (colors).  Great visual storytellers.  I love the beautiful cover art, and of course it has the signature trademark of a scantily clad female.  I also like the modern-day witches in the story.  Pretty.  Not the traditional green witches with long pointed noses and fingers.

I am already hooked and definitely plan to continue reading the series.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title.