Quantum and Woody #1 Review


This is one comic that I am glad to have jumped on.  Amusing and adventuresome from page one, I can honestly say that this debut issue has lived up to its’ media hype.  I am a new reader of Valiant, and I’m already planning to add this title to my pulls at the comic shop.

Eric and Woody Henderson are estranged brothers and rivals.  When Eric fails to inform a carefree Woody of their father’s death, Woody shows up at the funeral and causes some serious hell to break loose, which lands them both in jail.  They are interrogated by Detective Cejudo (I don’t trust her) and released.  Suspecting that their father was murdered, Eric and Woody breaks into his lab to investigate.  While engaged in a scuffle inside the lab, a scientific accident occurs that causes life altering effects on the siblings.

James Asmus is the writer of this superb script.  Constant page turner.  Hilarious dialog throughout the entire issue.  Easy to read and appropriate for all ages.  I love the character interactions, especially Woody.  He’s a carefree, conniving thief that has led a mischievous lifestyle since childhood.  The scenes with his brother are amusing, as Eric is the complete opposite.  Asmus did an excellent job with the setup for this story, which includes flashbacks on the boys’ lives and interactions with their father, a great way to introduce the characters to its’ readers.

The art team includes Tom Fowler (artist) and Jordie Bellaire (colors).  You don’t really need text to know what’s going on in this story.  Great visual storytelling.

I was amazed by the characterizations of Woody and Eric.  Eric is African-American and the biological son of Derek Henderson.  Woody is Caucasian and adopted.  As a black female that is stereotyped in the workplace and other public places on a daily basis, I knew for sure that Eric was going to be portrayed as a thuggish rogue.  But I was proven wrong.  Eric is a member of the armed forces, and has always been the backbone for his brother.  Strong, level-headed.  Woody, on the other hand, was the typical orphaned kid that thrived on mischief.  In the flashbacks of the boys getting into trouble as kids, Woody was always the brother at fault.  He would laugh it off and go on with his carefree life, until time for his next shenanigans.  This is not what I expected.  I was blown away after reading this story.

Quantum and Woody is an adventure that everyone should be a part of.  It’s a light and fun read.  Although this type of story does not fit my current personal taste, there’s something about it that makes me want to read more of it.  I’m not going to dwell on it because I definitely plan to continue reading the series to see where it’s headed.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this series for all ages.