Sex Criminals #1 Review


Sex Criminals. The title alone, followed by the cover art, was enough to pique my interest. After reading this debut issue by Image Comics, I can honestly say that my interest has been satisfied.

The series follows the life of Suzie, a beautiful female that has the supernatural ability to literally stop time whenever she has an orgasm. Discovering her ability at a young age, Suzie turns to the “dirty girls” at school, physician, and her mother for answers. But it was the library that captivated Suzie, and it was during her library-saving party that she met Jon and learned that he has the gift as well.

Sex Criminals is unlike any other comic on the market. It is sci-fi sexual comedy, not a dirty joke book. I can think of a lot of things that I would do if I could freeze time and rob banks, and that list does not include saving a library! But that’s what makes this series so funny and engaging. It’s not your everyday robbing banks to spend it all on high-end homes, luxury cars, yachts, lavish parties, and whatever else thieves spend their cash on.

This title contains strong sexual content, and is for mature readers who are not afraid of sexuality.

Matt Fraction is the writer of this hilarious, yet interesting series. I especially like how the adult Suzie looks and talks directly to readers while narrating the younger Suzie’s backstory. Rachel’s lesson on sex to Suzie is complete with illustrations, definitely worth the laughs it received from me. The script is full of powerful dialogue and page turners.

The phenomenal artwork comes from the hands of Chip Zdarsky. The panels where Suzie floated across the floor as Jon recited her favorite book, Lolita, is funny, yet seductive. I especially like the rainbow of colors that fills the room when Suzie is in “the quiet,” and the way she walks around while everyone is frozen. I can’t forget to mention Rachel’s illustrations! Visual storytelling at its’ best.

As a person who loves sci-fi, comedy and not afraid of sexuality, I can definitely say that I plan to read the next issue.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I definitely recommend this title to mature readers.