Captain Ultimate Review


When I learned that Joey Esposito was the co-writer on this title, I immediately knew this comic would be just as fun and engaging as his tweets.  Currently on its fourth issue, Captain Ultimate, by Monkeybrain Comics, grabbed my attention while reading its debut issue.

Captain Ultimate was the world’s greatest superhero, until he disappeared.  As time passed, he pretty much became a has-been.  Even his comic book ended up in the quarter box at the comic shop.  Milo, a spunky young boy, bought the Captain Ultimate comic, not afraid to admit that he still believed in the missing hero.  When the city was nearly destroyed by the giant robot octopus alien monster, Milo was the only person that stood up to the monster.  Even the Super Revenging Society, the city’s superhero team, left the scene.  Milo’s belief in Captain Ultimate was so strong, that he appeared out of nowhere (this is where my eyes watered).

The second issue was even funnier than the first.  Dr. Destruction attacks Milo, and it’s Captain Ultimate to the rescue.  Because of Milo’s bravery, Captain Ultimate asks Milo’s parents if he can be the hero’s sidekick.  Milos’ dad is excited.  But his mom, well let’s just say she’s a mom.  Protective and threatening.  Things a typical mom (like myself) would say.  Captain Ultimate leaves Ulti-Mutt, a big and slobbery, strong but friendly dog, for the family’s protection.

Meanwhile, the Super Revenging Society is furious that Captain Ultimate is getting all the attention.  They have lost their movie, book, and licensing deals.  Even their agent has kicked them to the curb.  The Jealous Society, I mean Super Revenging Society, make plans to dig up some dirt on the handsome superhero that has super powers and a nice looking mustache.  Yes, they’re actually jealous of Captain Ultimate’s mustache!

Issue three reveals the origin of Captain Ultimate.  I won’t spoil it, but I’ll say that his belt was created in the future and was meant to be worn only by someone worthy of its power.

Esposito co-writes this hilarious, all ages comic with Benjamin Bailey.  Great character interactions.  There’s a lot of funny dialogue, and I especially like the Super Revenging Society.  The story is also easy to follow.

The stories are brought to life by Boy “Boykoesh” Akkerman  (artist) and Ed Ryzowski (colors).  Thanks to the Super Revenging Society, I can no longer look at Captain Ultimate without staring at his mustache! Great visual storytellers.  I especially liked the giant robot octopus alien monster.

I am enjoying this title so far.  It’s a family friendly comic, a story that I can read to my children.  I have two kids and both of them are boys.  Captain Ultimate is focused on a male youth, so I’m sure we will be reading future issues of this title.  Currently I’m slightly behind on my comic reading, but I plan to read the latest issue within the next few days.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title for readers of all ages.