Review: Not So Super


Daniel Douglas is an ordinary man, living an ordinary life.  His career as an IT Technician at Techyon Corp. is no longer his ideal job, which he receives little to no attention from staff.  Dan’s life suddenly changes when he discovers he has superhuman powers.  Not So Super is an independent comic by Not So Super Comics.

The story was written by Jacques Nyemb, an independent comics creator.  Not So Super is very easy to follow, with great pacing.  Not So Super is also suitable for all ages, and I was hooked on Nyemb’s writing style within the first few pages.  The script is not too wordy, and the character interactions are flawless.  I took a quick liking to Dan because of his personality and calm attitude, and I can relate to his career as an IT Tech.  My co-workers blow up the IT Department’s phones at my job all the time, and most of them call without even trying to troubleshoot the problem.  Most of the time the solution is the same as that over at Techyon Corp., turning the device off and back on!

Great artwork by Joe Hunter.  Fine details, great facial expressions.  Hunter also did a great job with the colors.

I enjoyed reading this comic, and I am thankful for having received a review copy.  It’s good to steer away from traditional superhero comics, at times.  And it’s great to support independent comics.  Here are a few pages in case you need convincing.notsuper2c



I plan to read future issues of this title, because I am curious of the assortment of powers Dan’s going to receive, and his plans for dealing with them.  If you’re looking for new comics to read, then I suggest you give this title a try.  You can purchase this title and more on their website.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title for readers looking for non-heroic comics to read.