Top 6 New Comics You Should Be Reading

Before you say it, yes I know that 6 is an odd number for a list.  We are used to Top 100, Top 10, or maybe even Top 5.  But as you can see, I don’t always follow that pattern.  If you’ve read my list of best comics of 2013, you’ll see that I only listed 2 comics for best mini-series.

There are so many new comic books on the market right now, that it may be frustrating to new readers as to what comics to read.  Current comic book readers can become irritated as well.

Below is my list of the top 6 new ongoing comic book series everyone should be reading.  Or give them a try, at the least.

6.  The Punisher

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Nathan Edmondson
Artist:  Mitch Gerads

5.  New Warriors

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Christopher Yost
Artist:  Marcus To
Color Artist:  David Curiel

4.  Moon Knight

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Warren Ellis
Artist:  Declan Shalvey
Color Artist:  Jordie Bellaire

3.  Afterlife With Archie

Publisher:  Archie Comics
Writer:  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist:  Francesco Francavilla

2.  Loki: Agent of Asgard

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Al Ewing
Artist:  Lee Garbett
Color Artist:  Nolan Woodard

1.  Magneto

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Cullen Bunn
Artist:  Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Color Artist:  Jordie Bellaire

All six of these titles are new, ongoing monthly series.  And they are all worth giving a try.

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