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Random and Not so Random Thoughts of a Comic Blogger

Top 10 Best Comics of 2013

10.  Sex Criminals, Image Comics

9.  Afterlife With Archie, Archie Comics

8.  Hoax Hunters, Image Comics

7.  Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel

6.  Morning Glories, Image Comics

5.  Thor:  God of Thunder, Marvel

4.  Deadpool, Marvel

3.  Justice League Dark, DC Comics

2.  The Fearless Defenders , Marvel

1.  Superior Spider-Man, Marvel

Top 2 Comic Mini-Series of 2013

2.  Superior Carnage, Marvel

1.  Screwed, Zenescope

Worst Comic Book of 2013
You didn’t think I would really throw that out there like that did you?  However, I did read a comic last year that is perfect for this category.  I was speechless after reading it.  I had no idea what that story was about.  Not only do I not remember the name of the book or publisher, I don’t even know where it is.

Comics I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2014
Ms. Marvel
Night of the Living Deadpool
Southern Bastards
Superior Carnage Annual #1
The Wicked and the Divine

The list will grow as I learn of more upcoming titles, so let me know if there’s any titles I need to add.

Luke Cage vs. Jack Lawson
A question popped into my mind the other day, as to who I like the best.  Luke Cage from Marvel Comics, or Jack Lawson from Image?  For those of you that don’t know Jack (no pun intended), he is a lead character in Hoax Hunters, written by Michael Moreci and Steve SeeleyChris DiBari is the artist.

Two handsome badass brothers.  In Mighty Avengers, Luke wants to settle down, be a hero-for-hire, so that he can be near his family.  On the other hand, Jack is full of attitude, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Nothing.  Don’t believe me?  Read Hoax Hunters #13 that went on sale last week.

But it’s all fiction.  In reality, a brother with muscles and an attitude would rather hang with superheroes, kicking the s**t out of villains, than stay home with his wife (or girlfriend) and kids.  Anyway, I don’t care for Luke’s soft attitude.  Sorry Marvel, Image wins this round.

Deadpool’s Wedding
I plan to attend Deadpool’s wedding, in April, from the comfort of my home.  I don’t want to be anywhere near the Marvel Universe because of Deadpool.  What follows Deadpool?  Violence, bloodbaths, and chaos.

Who is the bride-to-be?  My husband think it’s Lady Death.  I don’t have any ideas of who, or what, it could be.  One thing for certain is that Deadpool #27 will be the first comic book I will be reading that day.

I tried a few times to count the 200+ characters on the cover, but I kept losing track.  I am going to keep trying until I succeed.  Maybe I’ll use Marvel’s character list as a guide.

I wonder if Scott Koblish and Val Staples have carpal tunnel now.

Superior Spider-Man
Are the rumors true?  Is Superior Spider-Man coming to an end?  Will Doc Ock no longer be in Peter Parker’s body?  Is Peter coming back?  If so, then my bank account will be $7.98 (+ tax) fatter every month.  Enough said.

Afterlife with Archie #2 Review


Up until last Wednesday, my hands had not touched an Archie comic since I was a teenager. My favorite characters were Betty and Jughead, and I couldn’t stand that snot nosed, boyfriend-stealing Veronica. But now the zombie apocalypse has called upon me to return to the Archie universe. Not to fight zombies, but to follow the catastrophic happenings in Riverdale.

In the first issue, Jughead took the body of his deceased dog, Hot Dog, to Sabrina the witch for help. When Sabrina’s aunts told Jughead that Hot Dog couldn’t be saved, Sabrina hinted at necromancy, the dangerous act of raising the dead. If you know Sabrina, then you know that she went against the witch laws, and raised Hot Dog from his grave. Hot Dog returned as a zombie, and has spread the virus on to Jughead.

In Afterlife with Archie #2, Jughead appeared at the school’s masquerade party looking zombified. It didn’t take long for anyone to notice that Jughead was not acting right. When it became obvious what was going on, Archie led the survivors away from the school to safety. For now.

This new chiller grabbed my attention in its’ debut issue. For some unknown reason, I didn’t know about the series until last Wednesday. I found a copy of the first issue at the comic shop, but they were sold out of the second issue. I drove across town to another shop, and they were out. I could have gone digital but I prefer printed material. Both shops had more books ordered, but I was having a hard time keeping my instant addiction to this book under control. Two days later I drove an hour to a comic shop and bought the second issue.

What makes Afterlife with Archie so captivating is the dark and twisted take on a well-loved comic. We are seeing the characters as we’ve never seen them before. Dark, cold, gruesome, fighting for their lives and the lives of others. This new thriller is sure to reel in past readers, just as quickly as I was hooked. Archie has been around for a very long time, so this title is going to grab the attention of readers of all ages.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the writer of this outstanding series. Dialogue and pacing at its’ best.

The artwork by Francesco Francavilla is awesome. The cover alone is enough to tell you what you’re in for.

Because of the violence and mature content, this title is rated teen+. Please exercise caution when reading this book around young children.

After I read the first issue, I immediately emailed the comic shop and asked to have the book added to my pulls. As a lifelong horror and Archie fan, there is no doubt that I will continue to read this horrific series.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title to horror and Archie fans. I also recommend this series for new and returning comic readers that are looking for something fresh and new. Archie Comics isn’t new, but the dark and chilling twist is definitely a first.