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Bubble Gun #1 Review


Set in the future, this team of mercenary thieves steal cyber technology. Published by Aspen Comics, Bubble Gun is a sci-fi, action-adventure series that may appeal more to tweens through young adults. It contains artificial intelligence, bright neon colors, punk-like outfits and hair, and lots of teen drama. Devyn and Molly are sisters, so you know there’s bound to be chaos from time to time between big sister and little sister.

Devyn is the leader of the group. She is smart, aggressive and a strategic planner. She has the mission planned down to the last second. Molli is Devyn’s younger sister and the newest member of the team. She is spunky, ambitious and energetic. She is out on a mission with the rest of the team, but the only weapon she has is her training gun. And it does not shoot bullets. It shoots pink sticky bubbles! Kyo is quiet and shy. He also has a crush on Molli. Roman is the big and tough guy. Zuse appears to be overseer of the team.

Mark Roslen is the creator and writer. The story has a good set up and there was no delay in action. I like the character interactions, especially that of Devyn’s. She’s the mother hen to her younger sister, keeps the team together with her strong leadership skills, and detects Kyo’s love for Molli. A well-rounded character.

Mike Bowden is the artist and David Curiel is the colorist. I really the artwork in this story, especially Devin (purple is my favorite color) and Molli’s costumes. I also like all those bright neon colors in the panels where the gang celebrates their victory at the club. Totally futuristic disco.

Although I liked the story, it does not fit my personal taste (you know people tastes change over time). I am going to have my tween son read it and if he likes it (which I’m sure he will), then I will buy future issues for him. Knowing me, I’ll probably sneak and read it too.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title for the younger readers, tweens through young adult. Or for anyone that wants to read a good sci-fi action-adventure story.