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I thought about sending my son off to a boarding preparatory school.  But that thought didn’t last long. 

What changed my mind?


Morning Glory Academy (MGA) is one of the most prestigious prep and boarding schools in the country.  All of the students come from different backgrounds and social statuses.  The story begins with six students (aka Glories) getting accepted into the academy.  Not long after their arrival, the students learn that MGA holds secrets. Dark and evil secrets.   The Glories are:

  • CASEY.  Very smart. Shows leadership and often takes charge of the other Glories in their stand against the administration.
  • JADE.  Emotionally unstable. 
  • ZOE.  Typical cheerleader with a twist.
  • HUNTERLOVES COMIC BOOKS! Usually not on time for important events because he has issues telling time and he can’t hear alarms.  Likes Casey.
  • JUN. Serious and straightforward.  Has a twin brother that went to MGA a few years before him.
  • IKE. Wealthy, likes to challenge authority.  Cares for no one but himself.

mornglorydavidcropMorning Glory Academy is a mysterious and deadly place. The staff takes orders from the mysterious Headmaster. The school has a strict set of rules, far from that of traditional schools. For example, parents are instructed to cut all ties with their children once they leave for the academy. Parents who don’t comply are dealt with.  Severely.  One of the first events in the story that hooked me was a ghost, who we eventually learn is named David, lurking in the school. Students are also tortured and murdered by the schools’ faculty and staff.

The students at MGA are accepted, not because of their academic status, but because they all share the same birthday.

Morning Glories, published by Image Comics, is addicting.  Multiversity Comics is the perfect resource for help with understanding the story. Each issue in the series is dissected and explained in what is called study hall.  Just type ‘mga study’ hall in the search box on their website.

Nick Spencer does a great job at storytelling. Compelling characters. Well written dialogue.

Joe Eisma does an excellent job on the interior pages, with much attention paid to detail.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Morning Glories is a must read comic. If you haven’t already started reading it, I suggest you start now.