Red She-Hulk Review


Red She-Hulk is a Marvel NOW! title by Marvel Comics.  Taking over from a previous Hulk series, Red She-Hulk starts at issue #58.  I would have preferred if this series would have started at issue #1 to keep confusion at a minimum.

On a side note, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross, aka Red She-Hulk is the ex-wife of Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk) and the daughter of General Thaddeus Ross (Red Hulk) for those who don’t already know.

Red She-Hulk is attempting to destroy Project Echelon, the military’s secret Super-Soldier Program.  Android X-51 (Aaron Stack) was requested to track her, but after learning her motive for wanting to put an end to Echelon, he decided to help Red She-Hulk instead of turning her in.

So far I am enjoying the story.  There is action on nearly every page.  I have to admit, the girl is bad.  But she’s a hulk so that’s a given.  I especially like the fact that she remains pretty and feminine while she’s in hulk form.  When I first learned she would have her own series, I immediately pictured a big red monster like her father.  I noticed that Red She-Hulk displays emotions while in hulk form.  She is compassionate.  There was an incident where she destroyed a bridge, but stuck around (on the down low) to make sure no one was injured.  There was also another incident where she unintentionally killed a participant in the Echelon Super-Soldier Program.  This caused her to become enraged, thus hulking out.

Well-written script with great character interactions.  Jeff Parker did a great job setting up the story.  He even included a backdrop on Betty Ross.  It will help readers with little or no knowledge of Ross learn and understand her character.

The art team did a fantastic job as well.  Well defined details and amazing action scenes.  Carlo Pagulayan and Wellinton Alves are the pencilers, and Val Staples is the colorist.

I’m going to read a few more issues of Red She-Hulk to see where the story leads and take it from there.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this Marvel NOW! title, especially if you’re a hulk fan.