Adventure Time Fionna & Cake Review


Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake is a 6 issue mini-series published by BOOM! Studios, written and illustrated by Natasha Allegri. The series is currently on issue #3.

The characters in Fionna & Cake are gender swapped versions of Adventure Time.

Finn = Fionna

Jake = Cake

Princess Bubblegum = Prince Gumball

Ice King = Ice Queen

Marceline = Marshall Lee

This series is definitely written for children. There is not much dialogue and the words are large print in big bubbles. It reminds me of the “Ready to Read” books. You know the books that are number or color coded according to reading levels for the younger kids (pre-k through chapter books).

I like the artwork. I think Fionna, Cake and the baby fire lions are cute.

The only reason I’m going to buy the last three issues is for my kids. They like anything related to Adventure Time and I’m going to support them.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Adventure Time Fionna & Cake is not a comic for adults. It is geared towards kids. Unless you plan to buy the comic for young children, then I don’t recommend it at all.