The New Ghostbusters #2 Review

ghostbust2In the debut issue of The New Ghostbusters by IDW Publishing, we saw how the team came together. Janine, Melanie and Kylie got together to search for the guys, who were abducted by spirits and taken to what appears to be another dimension. The PCOC made them an official team, but they have to abide by PCOC’s terms.

The team is engaged in a photo shoot at the beginning of this issue, and this is where I was able to get a more in-depth feel of the characters and their personalities. Erik Burnham, writer, has done a great job with character development. All four members of the team are from different walks of like, but they are all funny in their own way.

Janine – Aggressive, mouthy. Will put you in check at the blink of an eye. Shows strong leadership skills.

Melanie – Takes crap from no one.

Kylie – Gothic-looking. Skilled at identifying supernatural forces.

Ron – Annoying


I like this issue much better than the first one. I laughed throughout the story. Right now, I’m liking the entire team, but I especially like Janine. Her aggressive personality stands out from the rest of the team, and she backs down to no one. Not even the PCOC.

Along with a good script should be good artwork as well. This issue has both. The artwork is superb. Art by Dan Schoening. Colors by Luis Delgado. These two are great visual storytellers. I don’t know what I like the best, supernatural scenes and its’ bright colors, or Janine’s facial expressions when she’s mouthing off!

I plan to continue reading this series to see where it leads.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this series, if you haven’t already started reading it. It is full of funny jokes and ghosts!