Demon Knights #19 Review


Cain and his army has reached Themyscira, home of the Amazons. Cain’s quest is to take over the Amazons, the strongest army in the world. And the only way to kill Cain and his horde is by piercing their hearts and decapitation. Or expose them to sunlight because…….they are VAMPIRES!

The Demon Knights (I listed the Knights in a previous post) comes to the aid of the Amazons, but they have one problem. The Knights need Etrigan for his strength but he’s to weak to return to Hell to re-energize. And Jason Blood is refusing to swap. When Lucifer learns that Cain is creating an army on Earth, he returns all of Etrigan’s power, and then some. And the battle begins.

During the battle, Sir Ystin (Shining Knight) made a move that shocked the Demon Knights. Her explanation was that Merlin foretold her of this quest. What prophecy was fulfilled? What happened to the vampires? I am not giving out spoilers. You will have to read it and find out!

So far I am still enjoying this New 52 title by DC Comics. I love magic, sorcery, and monsters. I also like vampires. So I was very anxious to see The Amazons, led by Queen Hippolyta, fight side-by-side with the Demon Knights in the battle against Cain and his army.

I like how Robert Venditti, writer, kept the classic characteristics of vampires. Bloodlust. Victims turning into vampires within minutes. Can be killed by a stab through the heart. Hiding from sunlight.

Bernard Chang is the artist and Marcelo Maiolo is the colorist. The two are great visual storytellers.

I have been reading Demon Knights since the first issue, and I plan to continue following the series.

VERDICT (drum roll)

I highly recommend this New 52 title.