Sex #2 Review


In my review of Sex #1, I said I would not be reading future issues because the title caught my attention, but not the story.  Well the title caught my attention again.  But as with the debut issue of Sex, I am still clueless as to what this comic is about.

Simon Cooke is a wealthy businessman with a bland personality.  He returned from a 7-month sabbatical last issue, but didn’t appear to be happy or surprised to see anyone.  It was business as usual.  Simon is also modest, showing no interest or arousal at the females at the club he visited.  He also turned away a call girl who was waiting for him at his home.

I tried to make sense out of the story by trying to figure out the roles the supporting characters play in Simon’s life.  So far I haven’t come up with much.  Warren, Simon’s attorney, is a pimp.  There is The Old Man, a gangster that looks older than Methuselah.  Annabelle Lagravenese is the club owner.  She and Simon appear to have a history together.  There is an elderly lady Simon talks to but I don’t know who she is, or her relation to him.  There’s more supporting characters but I know less about them then the ones I mentioned above.

There are more explicit scenes in this issue than the last, which is one of the reasons for my purchase.  Even The Old Man is going at it with a beautiful young woman.  Another reason I bought this title is because I am not afraid of it.  By ‘it’ I mean human sexuality.  This series tackles sexuality.  Temptation.  Worldly pleasures.  Breaking out of ones’ shell to enjoy life.

Joe Casey is the writer.

I like the artwork.  I am a mature adult who is not afraid to say that I also like the explicit scenes.  Especially the panel where Annabelle and Simon are in the Community Lounge.  Good visual storytelling to accompany the dialogue.  Piotr Kowalski is the artist and Brad Simpson is the colorist.

Sex, by Image Comics, is slow and dull.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Although Sex is a catchy title, the story is not.  The storyline is moving too slow.  I do not recommend this title.