Ultron #1AU Review


Ultron has destroyed humankind. There are only a few survivors scattered around the world. This Marvel NOW! Age of Ultron tie-in depicts how Victor Mancha deals with the catastrophe. In case you don’t already know, Victor is a cyborg created by his father, ULTRON. Yes, Ultron. One of the baddest super villains in the Marvel Universe. Victor was also a member of Runaways, a team of teenage super heroes.

The story takes place in Los Angeles where Victor scours the city looking for survivors. He has already led a few juveniles to safety and provides them with shelter. Everyone he has ever loved has been killed by Ultron, including his mother and the Runaways.

Afraid that the children won’t trust him if they knew he was a cyborg, Victor keeps that part of him a secret. However just as his secret is discovered, all hell breaks loose.

It had been prophesied that Victor would take part in Ultron’s plan. To be a part of the end. Does the prophecy become true in this Age of Ultron tie-in? Grab a copy at your local comic shop and find out!

Because this is a one-shot, I’m not going to say much about the story. But I will say that I enjoyed this title. I like how Victor is handling the destruction of humankind by Ultron. I also like the fact that despite the prophecy of Victor being a part of Ultron’s plan, he dedicates his life trying to NOT becoming like his father.

Written by Kathryn Immonen, the script is detailed and fast paced, yet easy to follow. The story is brought to life by Amilcar Pinna. Great visual storyteller. Not much dialogue is needed to see where the story is going.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

If you are reading Age of Ultron, then you should be reading ALL the tie-ins as well. Ultron #1AU, by Marvel Comics, is one of those tie-ins. I highly recommend this title.