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Monica Rambeau: What’s Hair Got to do With it?


I knew from the beginning that Mighty Avengers, the predominantly minority-led superhero team by Marvel Comics, would draw a lot of slack.  But what I didn’t expect was negative comments about Monica Rambeau’s new appearance, specifically her new hairstyle, to pour in by the masses.

Monica Rambeau, aka Spectrum, is a beautiful, intelligent, strong, and determined  African-American woman.  I am also an African-American female, with hair of black texture.  Monica is representing to the fullest.  So if you’re talking about her, then you’re also talking about me.

In case you don’t already know, this blog consists of my HONEST comic reviews, and my HONEST rants and tantrums.  Every blog post consists of my thoughts only, because I am not influenced by anyone.

I am literally shocked by the comments that I have been reading since Mighty Avengers debut issue.  Out of 20+ pages of this wonderfully crafted comic, written by Al Ewing, the only thing a lot of people mention is Monica’s hair.  The haters and complainers of Mighty Avengers are complaining about Monica’s new hairstyle, as if her hair is a character.  Last I checked, hair didn’t talk or fight.  Well at least mine don’t.

What disturbs me, most of all, is the fact that I can tell that MOST of those comments about Monica’s hair are not even written by African-Americans.

First of all, what the hell does Monica’s hair has to do with anything?


 Nothing at all.

How is it affecting her role in comics?  It’s not.

Second, please stop with the notion that we (black women) relax our hair to conform to the standards of white beauty, because that’s just a pile of bullshit.  Black women have worn relaxed hairstyles for years.  We relax our hair to make it straight, just as white women perm their hair to make it curly.

And as for the mother mentioning the “burn” in the current issue, and above picture, a relaxer is a chemical.  Chemicals burn irritated skin, especially relaxers that contain dye.  So if you scratch your scalp before a relaxer application, it becomes irritated, and a possible burning sensation from the relaxer dye may occur.

So fucking  what Monica Rambeau is no longer wearing braids and a damn trench coat.  Getting rid of braids, afro, and opting to relax our hair instead, does not make us less black.

I read comments that stated a lot of black women like to stay natural, stick to our culture.  Well that may be the case, but for those women.  It’s not like that for all of us.

The main reason black women relax their hair is manageability/flexibility.  Relaxed hair is easier to comb and style, and we’re not spending a lot of time in the mirror trying to “make do.”

Hair of black texture is coarse and dry.  Our hair comes in three grades, fine (or good hair), medium, and coarse.  My hair is medium grade, and I haven’t relaxed it in almost a year.  But so what, it’s my choice.  Just like it’s Al Ewing, Greg Land, and Valerio Schiti’s choice to design Monica’s appearance however they like.

Let’s take a look at Misty Knight.



Hairstyles, just like clothing, has to appropriately fit the occasion.  Misty Knight, the African-American badass from The Fearless Defenders does not have the same abilities as Monica.  She’s neither a beam of light, nor does she fly in the air.  She kicks ass on the ground.  Therefore, Misty’s braids and ponytail is befitting to her appearance in the comic.

On the other hand, I definitely would not want to look up and see Monica flying around with braids or a ‘fro.  That would look totally ridiculous.  Just as ridiculous as all those silly comments I read.

In other words, leave Monica Rambeau the hell alone.

With Schiti as the artist for the current issue, I thought maybe there would be more comments on his work, and Ewing’s writing.  And less negative comments about Land’s work and Monica’s hair.  I was wrong.

After reading the dialogue between Monica and the mother, I just knew all this nonsense about her hair would cease.  Wrong again.

I like to visit comic message boards to interact with other comic fans.  I don’t always comment, but I like to read a variety of posts and comments.  But lately I’ve found it hard to find intellectual discussions about some of my favorite comic books, especially Mighty Avengers.

By the way, if you think black women wearing straightened hair is conforming to white society, then wait until this summer when I attend the 2014 World TSC Conference in Washington, D.C.  My hair is going to be waist-length, silky-smooth and straight.

Since black heroes are not allowed to change their hairstyles,


then I guess Luke Cage should still look like this:


The Fearless Defenders #12: Final Issue


Today I protested Marvel Comics by purchasing only 1 of their titles, THE FEARLESS DEFENDERS #12. There were 8 comic books on my family’s list for today, and 6 of those books were Marvel titles. They will just have to wait until next week. I faithfully read Superior Spider-Man bi-monthly, but not today. Guardians of the Galaxy. Nope. Deadpool. Sorry D-Piddy. While it’s great that Misty Knight is in Daredevil: Dark Knights, this week is all about The Fearless Defenders. So that title is not coming into my home this week either. I didn’t even purchase Amazing X-Men for my husband (don’t worry, he fully supports my protest). The only title I’m reading by the slasher of comics this week is The Fearless Defenders. Imagine the impact if more readers stood up and did the same for their favorite comics that are getting axed.

The heavy stream of tears from my eyes have finally reduced to a trickle. I was fine reading the book until the last page of the story. That’s when the tears began to fall. And reading the final thoughts by the creators made it even worse. Ellie Pyle gave a rundown on projects that Cullen Bunn and the rest of the team will be working on. But…they’re all working on separate projects across the universe.

DISCLAIMER: My blog consists of my HONEST reviews and HONEST thoughts and tantrums. Everything I type is my own voice, as I am influenced by no one.

Right now my tongue is on fire. It’s more explosive than all the TNT that Wile E. Coyote used during the entire run of Roadrunner.


In case you’re wondering, yes I am in sista mode. Remember it’s sista, and not sister. Misty Knight’s mouth ain’t got nothing on mine right now.

Marvel seems to enjoy playing with the emotions of its’ readers. They will cancel a title, only to re-launch it with a new creative team. I don’t know why they won’t start the new team on the new arc. They know damn well there are some serious comic collectors that does not need their numbering to be played with. I should know, my husband has been collecting for many years. And what about new titles? Books that don’t even get the chance to celebrate a one year anniversary, such as The Fearless Defenders?

But in all honesty (which is what my blog is all about), Marvel did not cancel The Fearless Defenders. It was the readers. We canceled this title. Sure Marvel is the puppet master, but we loosened the strings by not spreading the word about the book.

I wrote a blog post a few days ago about my random thoughts. I mentioned how readers need to support their favorite books and creative teams. Creators always tell readers to talk to others about the books, and why we like them. A few simple ways to get the word out are:

  • Talk about your favorite book(s) at your local comic shop. Tell why you like it. Is it the writing, art or both? Talk to the owners AND customers.
  • Get on your blog, website, or visit a comic forum and post a thread or comment on someone else’s.
  • Social media sites. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, but I know there’s a lot of other sites out there. Post a few words about the books you’re reading. Mention the writer and artist.
  • Instead of wasting keystrokes begging for re-tweets and follows on Twitter, post what comics you’re reading and what you like about it. Tweet multiple posts if you run out of space (I’m a talker so I had to learn how to condense my tweets to 140 characters).
  • Use hashtags. I haven’t been on Twitter that long, but I am learning how to use them. Before you know it, your favorite titles will be trending.

We need to drown the internet by marketing our favorite books, to keep them in publication. Cullen Bunn, Will Sliney, Mark Brooks, and Veronica Gandini gave it their all. We know this because it shows in their writing, art and the colors.  And yes, always mention the colorists. Who do you think bring the pencils and inks to life? It’s definitely not me. I would place last in a stick figure drawing contest, and I started back coloring outside the lines as soon as I graduated from kindergarten.  So there is no way I could do Gandini’s job.

I also mentioned in my random thoughts post that we need to put our favorite creators on a pedestal, especially those on low-profile titles. Spider-Man and X-Men are high-profile titles. They don’t need anything but everyone to step back, and take a moment to realize that there’s other books out there besides those two.

I follow a lot of people on Twitter in the comic industry. These people open up their lives to not just their family and friends, but to their fans. We know all about their families, pets, and what they eat at each meal. We know when their loved ones are ill, and when they recover. And they’re constantly posting pictures. This is a chance to establish creator/reader relationships. If they share their lives on social media sites, then we can tell them how much we appreciate them and their work. This provides encouragement and a motivation boost.

I was hyped about The Fearless Defenders from the beginning. Besides the characters, I was familiar with Bunn’s writing from Deadpool Kills. And that’s another thing. If you like a certain book, follow the creative team. You just might like their other work. When I learned about this title, I had the comic shop PRE-ORDER my copies.

Instead of complaining about the artist of a certain minority-led book, and gossiping about some eight year-old bullshit about who tried to get with who, put all that damn energy into trying to keep your favorite comic books far away from the chopping block.

I will definitely miss this awesome series, and I hope to see many, if not all, the characters in other titles. If you haven’t had the chance to read the adventures of this kick ass non-team, you can read all the issues here.

Since Marvel loves to stop and re-launch titles with different creative teams, maybe this title will get re-launched but with a twist. The twist would be that the creative team would remain unchanged.

My Two Cents Worth on Superior Spider-Man

The internet is full of mixed reactions among comic fans in regards to Dr. Otto Octavius taking over Peter Parker’s body and memory, becoming Superior Spider-Man. I have read a countless number of compliments and complaints, but I don’t read too much of why fans either like, love or hate Superior Spider-Man. A lot of fans feel that it was time for a change. Others hate it simply because Peter Parker is dead.

I began reading Spider-Man at Amazing Spider-Man #698. So after reading 20 issues of Superior Spider-Man, I feel that it’s time for me to step up on my soapbox and give my two-cent input on this controversial subject. I’m not going to just say I like Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man, I’m going to tell you why.

First of all, I have never wished death upon a person, fiction or reality. So I will simply say that I AM GLAD THAT PETER PARKER IS OUT OF THE PICTURE, BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER LIKED PETER PARKER. I didn’t like him when I was child watching him on Electric Company, and I don’t think I have ever read any of his comics while growing up. I never liked Peter because he talked too much. He was too friendly, and should have been pounding the heck out of all those villains over the years. He was also irresponsible. There was no reason for him to not have his Doctorate Degree. I wish I was only one credit and thesis away from a Doctorate. Peter Parker sickens me. I have always been hard on myself, self disciplined and an over-achiever with no time for goofing off. Peter could have, and should have, done better. I know these may be minor reasons to some, but everyone has his or her own perspectives.

Sometime towards the end of last year, a retailer tweeted about Amazing Spider-Man #698. He tweeted several times that comic fans needed to read that issue. He also tweeted that retailers needed to make sure they had an abundant supply. I called my husband and told him that I thought something was going to happen to Spider-Man because of the tweets. I was pretty new to Twitter, so I really didn’t know who to trust, or if it was a false hype. I contacted my comic shop and requested a copy be placed in my pulls.

I was speechless after reading ASM #698. I contacted the comic shop, requested ASM #699, ASM #700 and Superior Spider-Man for my pulls. I remember being anxious at work because I wanted to read ASM #698. I had the book on my desk but I didn’t want to get into trouble. I like my books to remain intact, so instead of peeling off the little sticker to reveal the digital code, I took a 15 minute break and ordered it digitally. Yes, I paid for it twice.

Doc Ock is one of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe because he’s a brainiac. Genius. Over-achiever. Strategist. He is the perfect Spider-Man in my eyes and here’s why.

Discovered Vulture’s minions were children. Upon this shocking discovery, Doc Ock began to have flashbacks of his abusive childhood by his father. Where some villains would have dealt harshly with these young boys, he turned them over to Children Protective Services.



Anna Maria Marconi. When Otto realized that Peter Parker was one credit and a thesis short of his Doctorate Degree, he became enraged and enrolled in college. Otto met and became a study partner with Anna, a young and pretty graduate student. Otto likes her because she’s assertive and a brainiac like himself. He doesn’t even mind that she’s a little person (I wonder if he really likes her or if he’s using her). When the school jocks, Brad and Justin, teased Anna, they were dealt with, Superior Spider-Man style.

I have always been teased. I am always teased about my name (believe me when I say I’ve heard it all from Creature Feature to LaCROTCHa). I have always been called a nerd, geek, brainiac and goody two-shoes.

The worst tease, and I hate it with a passion, is being told I “talk like a white girl.” I have been dealing with this crap since childhood from classmates and co-workers. But it hurts even more hearing it from my own family members. To this day, I’m still being told this by family members and co-workers. Not one of them has ever told me what a white girl talks like. It hurts like heck, but they don’t know any better. They don’t know that not all black people use slang and curse words in their everyday language (SARCASM INTENDED).

I don’t condone Spidey for what he did to Brad and Justin, but I have to admit that I admire him for what he did. It was also funny!

ssmrant3 ssmrant5

Cardiac and Spider-Man save the life of a child. Amy Chen, a young girl with severe brain damage, was taking a turn for the worse due to one of Doc Ock’s schemes. There was only one treatment plan for Amy, surgery performed with Doc Ock’s neurolitic scanner. Cardiac stole the scanner, but not without a fight from Spider-Man. When Spider-Man learned the true reason for Cardiac’s use for the scanner, he performed the surgery himself on Amy. This story was, and still is, a tear-jerker.

My 7 year-old son has a rare condition, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).  Although TSC is genetic, most of the cases are from the result of a spontaneous mutated cell, like my son. This disease causes tumors, called tubers, to form on body organs, such as the brain, heart, eyes, and kidneys.  It can cause seizures, loss of speech, autism, and behavior challenges. My son has several brain tumors, a history of seizures, and behavior challenges (aggressive, violent and destructive meltdowns).  He is also autistic (high-functioning) and developmentally delayed.  Currently there is no cure for TSC. But I would give almost anything to get my hands on that neurolitic scanner.



Spider-bots and spider army. My next door neighbor is the city of Flint in the state of Michigan. Although Flint is a small city, it was the most violent city in America for 3 consecutive years, 2010, 2011 and 2012. I also work in the Emergency Department at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Flint. I have seen so many victims of violent crimes enter that department. Some make it out alive, others don’t. A few weeks ago, my co-workers ran past me carrying a 4 year-old child that had been shot. If only Spider-Man was here with his spider-bots, army and attitude. I’m pretty sure this small city would go back to being an unknown dot on the map.

I was attacked on my job three years ago. I am 5’1 and a white man 6’3, 300 lbs. tried to choke me before knocking me upside my head with his fist. He yelled that I was a nigger, nigger bitch, and a fucking slut several times. He also yelled that he hated me, and was going to kill me. I had no idea who that man was. I was sitting at my workstation on a quiet Saturday night when he attacked me out of nowhere. If Spider-Man was real, I know he would have found the attacker and dealt with him. Then maybe, just maybe, my anxiety, PTSD and nightmares would lessen.

Everyone has their own interpretation of a story, so I decided to share why I am enjoying this dark, funny, tear-jerking title. I can relate to several themes in Superior Spider-Man.

Yes, Dr. Otto Octavius is now Spider-Man. He may have blackmailed the mayor,


and he may be a showboat,


but he has a heart, and the will to help others.


Doc Ock is not just Spider-Man. He is SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. I applaud Marvel Comics, the creative team, and especially writer Dan Slott for such an outstanding, earth-shaking, internet breaking series. All the artists on this title deserve an applause as well, because they bring the stories to life with their amazing, I mean SUPERIOR, visuals.

The Fearless Defenders: Gone Too Soon

Over the past few days, Twitter has been the virtual host to a pre-memorial for The Fearless Defenders, one of my favorite comics that has been sent to the chopping block by Marvel. I say “pre” because there are two issues left. The month of December is going to be bittersweet. My birthday is the 22nd (feel free to email, tweet or Facebook birthday wishes) but also during that month I will be reading issue #12, the final issue of this astounding series.

I can only imagine how this series will end. A new character was introduced in the last issue. Is Marvel really ending Fearless Defenders in the middle of a story arc? Will they let the creators give its’ fans a proper goodbye to characters we have come to know and love, but may never see again?

I know the sales were low on this title, but exactly why is what I don’t know. There is always someone out there complaining about something, so who knows. The power of persuasion takes over a lot of people. If a notable blog or website gives a negative preview or review, then a lot, if not most, of its’ readers will march in that direction instead of reading the comic for themselves.

You can’t always tell by the first issue whether you will like a comic or not. Since I got back into reading comics about three years ago, I have read a few titles where I immediately knew I wouldn’t continue reading beyond its’ debut issue. But there have been a few titles where I needed to read the second issue to see if my indecisiveness had changed. And most of those second issues became the reason for those titles getting on my pulls.

I loved Fearless Defenders debut issue. But I didn’t like Annabelle Riggs, the lesbian archaeologist. After reading it, I thought, “Oh no. Another story that’s giving in to the not enough gays and lesbians in comics.” But that’s not why she was placed in the series. That’s just who Annabelle is. She became a person of great importance and I grew more fond of her with each issue. Actually, I would have kept reading the series even if my speculation was correct. A book with Valkyrie, Misty Knight, and Hippolyta written by Cullen Bunn. I knew this title would be in good hands.

Not only am I sad and disappointed, but I am ANGRY that Fearless Defenders was canceled. And right now I am in sista mode. Not sister, but SISTA. One hand on my hip, the other waving in the air with the index finger sticking out, head swinging side-to-side, and mouth running like a leaky faucet.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t blog just to be blogging. My blog consists of HONEST reviews and HONEST tantrums.

I don’t know all the reasons for the low sales of this title, so I decided to compile (or make up) my own list.









JEALOUS BECAUSE MARK BROOKS IS THE COVER ARTIST (I mentioned in my issue #10 review that you need therapy if you’re not reeled in by his covers)


SONGBIRD AND DIAMONDBACK’S CAMEO APPEARANCE IN ISSUE 6. (S/D on Twitter is the most vocal fan about the book. I started following S/D a couple months ago because of all the engaging tweets about the book. This reward was well deserved (I just learned of it a few days ago). If that was me, I’d brag everyday for the rest of my life, especially to my comic bashing co-workers who “think it’s funny” that I read comics, and that, “You don’t look like you read comics.” Pre-orders for that issue would have been shockingly high because I would have bought each and every last one of them a copy.






The condolences were pouring in so heavily on Twitter, that I had to hold an umbrella over my head whenever I read the feeds of Bunn, Will Sliney and Fearless Defenders hastag.

But there’s always people who have to go and mess with the mood. Twitter, blogs, websites. I read so many apologies and job well done to the creative team. But to say that you’re happy the series is ending is harsh. Everyone has feelings, and to trash talk like that is low. If I am upset over the book’s cancellation, then I can imagine how deeply saddened the creative team is right now. Every book has its’ own fan base, so what you don’t like, someone else love.

There were complaints the book should have been written by a woman. Well just because a book is all-female doesn’t mean it has to be written by one. Bunn gave the characters strong, distinctive personalities and writing styles. And VC’s Clayton Cowles brought the dialogue to life with his lettering. Valkyrie’s font was set apart from the other characters. When she speaks, I feel nothing but serenity. When Hippolyta speaks, I can hear an arrogant, but strong and powerful voice that would cause me to tremble if I was to meet her face-to-face. Cowles proved to be a great asset to this book.

I read there should have been a different creative team. Cullen Bunn, Will Sliney, Veronica Gandini, Mark Brooks, and Clayton Cowles. I didn’t even have to look in the book for their names. Enough said.

Of course I couldn’t leave the above sentence hanging. This team is truly amazing. Excellent scripts and visual storytelling at its’ finest.

Now it’s time for me to preach about one of my pet peeves in comics. I read a few comments where people said they were waiting for a trade. STOP WAITING FOR TRADES. BUY SINGLE ISSUES. THERE WON’T BE A COMIC IF YOU CONTINUE TO SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR A TRADE. Sales are determined by pre-ordered singles, not trades.

I know everyone don’t always have the money to buy comics every week. I read comics in the two digits on a monthly basis, and this number does not include comics for my husband and kids. About 15-17 books are purchased on our heaviest week. I rush to the comic shop every Wednesday before going to work, sometimes before checking to see if I have enough money. If I fall short, or don’t want to spend over a certain amount, the store owners/employees will let me buy whatever I want and put the rest back into the pulls for the next week.


The Fearless Defenders. I wonder what sales would have been like if the first word in the title was replaced with X-Men.

DC Comics Villains Month Becomes Reality

Last week’s launch of Forever Evil and Villains Month caused nothing short of pandemonium at my local comic shop.

When I arrived at the store last Wednesday, the parking lot was packed.  I didn’t think much of it because the shop shares a parking lot with other businesses.  But this time was different.  I walked inside and there were people everywhere either holding stacks of comics or grabbing them off the shelves.  I go every week at the same time so I saw several familiar faces.  Others I had never seen before.  I got what I needed and immediately left.  I didn’t even hang around and socialize like I usually do because it was extremely busy.

I usually arrive at the shop around 10 a.m. or a few minutes after.  When I arrived this morning, the parking lot was packed.  I approached two men standing outside the shop’s door and they informed me the store had not yet opened.  As I turned to return to my truck, one of the employee’s unlocked the door.  The two men walked in behind me and seconds later, several customers barged in.

Knowing that this is the time when the owners and their employees are finishing up pulling titles for their regular customers, I began my routine of grabbing books off the shelf first and then head to the counter to collect my books from my pull box, taking caution as to not get in their way.  Well it was difficult to stick to my routine today.  People were grabbing books off the shelves and was in the way of the staff and myself.  It wasn’t the regular customers that was creating the chaos, there were a couple of people I had never seen before.  And of course the only books they were pulling were the 3-D motion covers.

One of the employee’s came over and yelled out that he was still pulling titles for customers and to give him a moment so he could finish.  Everything came to a complete halt as he and the owner finished pulling for the regulars.  The guy standing next to me began to fidget so I knew right away to keep my eyes on him.  If a book wasn’t on the shelf, then whoever had the book would return it.  This went on for a couple of minutes and most of us chuckled as we yelled out, “Not me” or “I don’t have that one” while looking through the stacks in our arms.  I was really enjoying myself at that time.  But there’s always one bad apple.

A title was called out and the guy that was fidgeting (he was also standing outside the door before the store opened) held up the book and loudly, but rudely, said that he got it off the shelf and that he should be able to have it.  The staff told him the books go to the regulars first and that it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t get their books.

The guy immediately became loud and irate, but the staff held their ground.  As he was handing over the book, he stopped and told the staff they could have all the books and to eff it and that it was a bunch of bullsh-t.  He continued to yell as he stormed out the door, giving it a hard push.  He turned, caught the door in his hand and yelled, “I got a stack in my car from (competitor) do you want those too?”  He continued to storm off to his vehicle and sped off.

I had a feeling he was going to act out from the moment I saw him fidgeting.  So I moved to the other side of the store.  While he was clowning I sat my books on the counter, preparing myself in case he got physical with anyone.  I could feel the man standing behind me doing the same.  A few customers told me they were ready to take him down if needed.

One of the regular customers I speak to every week walked in as the guy sped out the parking lot.  He told me he could sense chaos as he walked through the door, and that he felt as if he missed something.  I told him everything that happened and he was not happy at all.  I’m glad he missed it, he probably would’ve clobbered the guy just for his aggressive behavior towards the owners and their employees.

I learned this scumbag is not a regular at the shop.  He drives around to all the local shops looking for books.  He looks for “hot” books in high-grade condition so he can buy them and put them up for sale later on that day.

I could not believe he behaved that way and the owner said that has never happened before in the shop.  There is no doubt this man already know that most, if not all, comic shops take care of their regular customers first.

The owners and staff takes care of all their customers, no matter how needy or last-minute we are.  They are always friendly and they don’t seem to mind that my never ending talkative self hangs out for at least an hour when it’s my Wednesday off from work.  Also, the shop doesn’t officially open until 11 a.m.  They always let their regular customers in early.  The non-regulars slipped in (forcefully) today.  So it came as no surprise that I, along with the other customers, were ready and willing to take him down if he would have even thought of getting physical with any of the staff.

So yeah, Villains Month became reality at Amazing Book-Store in Flint, Michigan today.  The difference?  Our Justice League (staff, customers) is not dead.  We defeated the villain, Flint The Flipper (I know it’s not a villainous name, but that’s all I could come up with)!

Thanks a lot DC Comics.  You probably didn’t know your comics would come to life huh?!

More Storytelling and Less Politics Please

The comic book industry has a massive reader base. From the “big two” to the smaller indie publishers, there’s a comic to suit every age. Superheroes, horror, romance, crime, fantasy, teenage, young children. You name it, they produce them. However, I feel the past year has been nothing more than a political arena to me.

It’s not about telling a story anymore. It’s about WHO is going to be in the story. Diversity in comics. You have some yelling, “There’s not enough minorities in comics.” Others are screaming, “There needs to be gays in comics.”

I got back into reading comics shortly before DC Comics released The New 52 titles. A few of those titles were minority-led. Static Shock, Mr. Terrific, Blue Beetle and Voodoo to name a few. Then we saw Marvel Comics Miles Morales, or black Spider-Man. I thought, “Good, more minorities are taking leading roles in comics.” For a moment I even thought everyone would be happy and forget about the politics. That didn’t happen. There’s always someone who has to oppose the situation. Not many people were happy about the changes being made to their “favorite” character. “Why kill Peter Parker and replace him with someone black?” I didn’t feel like getting caught up in that web, and not just because I’m terrified of spiders. So I kept my mouth shut (well I did run it a little bit. Okay okay I ran it like a faucet) and patiently waited to see what would happen next.

I really don’t know what happened next, or if anything happened at all with the above situations. I do know that nearly all the minority-led DC titles were canceled. Miles Morales? I don’t know. That’s wasn’t a title I was reading so it didn’t matter to me at all.

All is well right? WRONG. More politics. Now there are people kicking and screaming, “There needs to be gays in comics.” Gays in comics. Okay. What does that have to do with comics? Call me gay bashing if you want, I don’t care. I’m just telling it like it is. Some of the comics I’ve read are so overrated it’s sickening. There’s the X-Men story where there’s a gay couple. I haven’t (and don’t plan to) read it. I recall seeing an issue where the cover page is the wedding. It looked as if the entire Marvel Universe was there. Everyone looked happy and okay with it. I even saw Wolverine standing near the front. I was like, “What the f— is this sh-t? Harlequin Romance?”

Then there’s Young Avengers. Issue one was released last week. I REALLY don’t feel like talking about it. So I’ll have to refer you to my review of it. I almost ripped that book in half.

Why am I so mad? I’m not mad about the lack of minorities in comics. Or the lack of gays in comics. I’m mad because this political arena has gotten out of hand. It’s overrated. These comics are getting published with a lack of good storytelling. They throw a black character in this one, and a gay in that one. Then everyone (well almost everyone because I’m not a part of it) is okay with it. Remember that Marvel cover I mentioned above? About everyone being all happy at that wedding? Well that’s how it is in reality right now.

I’ve read so many reviews, blogs and comments from people giving high praises to this political bull. I have to question the validity of some of those reviews. I won’t name any in particular. I’m just saying that I wonder if these people are giving false praises, trying to please the LGBT community. Trying to win follows, likes, mentions or awards. Do they not realize that throwing homosexuals in a story just to say they’re in there is taking away from the story?

So what was all my ranting about in this post? It’s about the comic industry losing focus. It’s not about having a lack of minorities in comics, or a lack of gays in comics. It’s about a lack of focus in comics. Don’t mess up a good story trying to please everyone because I haven’t met or read about anyone yet that has been able to please everyone. It doesn’t matter what color the character is, just make and keep him/her strong in the story. It’s okay to have gays in comics but if it’s a superhero comic, then let there be some butt kicking. You know, superheroes vs. super villains. Like how comics used to be. How comics are supposed to be.