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New Suicide Squad #1 Review


The New Suicide Squad is back with new players, more chaos, and violence to the extreme.  The DC Comics New 52 title is a relaunch of the comic book series that was cancelled a few months ago.

Belle Reve is a prison for superhumans.  Select prisoners are given the opportunity to have their sentences reduced by participating in a secret government program.  Task Force X, or Suicide Squad, participants carry out covert missions, including assassinations.  To keep the prisoners in check, tiny bombs are implanted in their necks.

Amanda Waller was program director, but she is no longer trustworthy.  A new player has been called in to run Task Force X.  Victor Sage gets to call the shots, but Waller is still involved with the program.

Sage added Deathstroke and Joker’s Daughter to the team, and Joker’s Daughter already has Harley Quinn ticked off.


Sean Ryan is the writer of this dark, violent, and exciting series.  Sharp dialogue, excellent character interactions.  Fast paced but not hard to follow.

The outstanding visuals are provided by Jeremy Roberts (artist) and Blond (colors).  I have nothing but the highest of praise for the artwork.  Realistic features, phenomenal action scenes.

Roberts was the winner of the Harley Quinn Talent Competition, and it’s good to see that his talent is not going to waste.

I plan to finish the story arc to see where it’s headed.  I need to find out how Sage plans to control Deathstroke and Joker’s Daughter since they are not prisoners of Belle Reve, and they don’t have bombs in their necks.

I am also interested in Sage and Waller’s business relationship.  Waller has always been that woman I love to hate.  But Sage appears to be as corrupt as 10 politicians molded together.

I have a strong feeling that this title will get added to my pulls.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

There is no doubt that I strongly recommend New Suicide Squad #1DC Comics has a lot of great comic titles currently on the shelves, but this series deserves a shot.  I just hope it lasts this time.  This issue gets what it deserves, 5/5 stars.


Teen Titans #1 Review

teentitans1As long as Skitter do not make an appearance, I may be sticking around this title for a while.  The new Teen Titans series is a DC Comics New 52 relaunch.  The title previously launched with other New 52 titles 3 years ago.

The teenage superheroes race against the clock to stop a group of terrorists that has taken over a busload of young female students from a preparatory school.  The Titans, under the direction of their fearless leader, Red Robin, face-off against the madmen, who are armed with guns and explosives.

This cover-to-cover, action-packed issue grabbed my attention from page one.  Wonder Girl stole the show in this one.

teentitans1aAnd Beast Boy was not one to be messed with.


William Pfeifer is the writer of this fast-paced action script.  Great script, phenomenal character interactions.  Pfeifer did an outstanding job with story set-up and character introductions.

Nice artwork by Kenneth Rocafort (artist) and Dan Brown (colorist).  I especially like the characters facial expressions, and the emotion-filled panels that caused my eyes to water. I also like the cover.

The only complaint I have about the art is Raven.  I DO NOT like Raven’s look at all.





Although I do not like Raven’s look, I can tolerate it for now.  At least she looks better than Skitter. 

Who is Skitter?  She was a black female superhero in the previous canceled Teen Titans New 52 series.  I had a major issue with the way Skitter was drawn.  The white female superheroes were beautiful, but Skitter looked like a giant cockroach.  I was deeply offended, and her look grossed me out.  The title was on my pulls list from day one, but I stopped reading it after the first few issues.

In my honest opinion, which is what this blog is based on, The new Teen Titans has gotten off to a great start.  Powerful story, non-stop action.  Nice artwork, except for Raven.  I plan to read at least the first arc to see where it’s headed.  If I continue to like the story, then I will have to make some adjustments to my pulls to make room for it.

NOTE TO PARENTS:  Teen Titans is a series for teen readers and older.  I do not recommend it for the younger readers.  For the younger children, I suggest the following comics:

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title.  This issue gets 4/5 stars.

Constantine #4 Review


Constantine travels all over the world to recover (or steal) artifacts, that can be used for evil if they land in the wrong hands, and secures them in a safe location.  The occult detective lets nothing get in his way while on these perilous journeys.  Often being followed and captured by his enemies, Constantine finds a way to free himself from his captors every time.  He acquires the magical assets, using whatever means necessary, even if at the expense of innocent lives.

In this issue, Constantine steals an artifact from Papa Midnite.  A voodoo sorcerer and leader of a vicious street gang, Papa and his goons intend to make Constantine pay.  SEVERELY.

This series is fast paced, but not hard to follow if/once you are aware of what is happening in the story.  I was confused after reading the first issue, but that was because I went into the story blindly.  I knew nothing about Constantine at the time.  I was addicted by the end of the second issue.

Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire are the creative writers of this action filled series.  I like how Constantine’s use of jokes and trickery intensifies the anger in his enemies.  I also like the fact that  he is known and recognized, by his enemies, as a sorcerer of great skill and power.

Fabiano Neves is the artist and Marcelo Maiolo is the colorist.  I love witches, wizards and monsters.  And I love dark.  Neves and Maiolo provides all of this.  An excellent team of  visual storytellers.

I enjoy following the adventurous travels of Constantine, a clever, cynical, deceitful, manipulative, cigarette smoking wizard.  And since I love stories of sorcery and black magic, I definitely plan to continue reading this series.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I still recommend this New 52 title by DC Comics.

The Movement #1 Review


For a New 52 title by DC Comics, I can say The Movement definitely fits the description of “new.” New characters. New concepts. But not enough to reel me in.

The story takes place in Coral City, a city of crime and corruption. It begins with two police officers attempting to sexually assault a teenage girl, but their efforts were thwarted by a group of people wearing silver masks and holding recording devices. The display on the devices read “i.c.u.”

Taking over a section of the city called the Tweens, the Movement is a group of outcast citizens, all with super human powers. The Movement is basically an army of citizens that takes a stand against those who abuse their power of authority; police officers and government officials, by exposing their corruption to the public. They will stop at nothing to keep their territory crime and corrupt free.

The Movement reminds me of the Occupy movement, the protest against social and economic inequality. The only difference is that The Movement are super powered heroes. So this series is more like a modern-day super hero type of story. They are fighting real villains; corrupt authoritative figures.

I was not hooked at all by this story. No page turners. One character in particular I don’t care for is Mouse, the prince of rats. When he summons them, they follow him by the masses. Yuck. Gross. I don’t see this title going very far. I will not be reading the next issue.

Gail Simone is the writer. Good character interactions. The story may work for some readers, but I prefer not to see super powered heroes in this type of story. I want to see them fighting super villains, monsters and aliens.

Freddie Williams II is the artist and Chris Sotomayor is the colorist. Great visual storytellers. I have no complaints in this area.

I sure hope this series is NOT the replacement for Demon Knights, one of my favorite New 52 series that is on the chopping block.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I do not recommend this title.

Demon Knights Review


If you like magic, mysticism, and monsters then you should be reading Demon Knights, a New 52 title by DC Comics. The series is currently on issue #17.

The Demon Knights is a team created and written by Paul Cornell. The members are:

Etrigan – Demon from Hell. Hates everyone. Tried to overturn Lucifer and his army. Wants to put an end to Merlin and Jason Blood.

Jason Blood – Former apprentice of Merlin. Soul bound to Etrigan’s by Merlin during the destruction of Camelot. They share bodies and can change at will.

Madame Xanadu – Magician trained by Merlin. Lover of Jason Blood and Etrigan.

Exoristos – An Amazon living in exile.

Shining Knight (aka Sir Ystin) – Transgendered knight.

Horsewoman – Mysterious. Skilled archer. Ability to communicate with horses. She can’t walk but can ride a horse, supported by the magic in her saddle.

Al Jabr – Has advanced scientific knowledge. Inventor. Little is known about him but he can build war machines and electrocute people.

Vandal Savage – Barbarian. Rowdy, deceitful.

The series takes place in the medieval times within the DC Universe. The team happened to meet by chance in a small village. They joined forces to stop the Questing Queen and her horde from destroying the village.

The series is well-written by Cornell. There’s plenty of jokes and all the characters are compelling. I love the interactions among all the characters. It’s hard for me to have a favorite because each character is different and have their own quirks.

The artwork, by Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert, is excellent. Finely detailed. These two artists are great at visual storytelling. Flawlessly flowing panels.


Robert Venditti took over as writer beginning with issue #16, where he begins his story 30 years later. Venditti’s writing is that of Cornell’s. Well written. Bernard Chang did a great job with the art.

The Demon Knights went their separate ways after the Battle at Avalon. Al Jabr has summoned the knights to stop a plague that is quickly spreading by a man known only known as Cain. Cain and his guide, an Amazon, infects people through their bites. Yes they are VAMPIRES. Al Jabr is unable to join the team because of his aging body. He’s not immortal like the rest of the team. Horsewoman, Exoristos and Shining Knight agree to stop Cain and his recruits. Needing Etrigan for his strength, the trio must first free him from Vandal Savage’s imprisonment.

Demon Knights is a must read series. It’s full of sorcery, dark magic, witches, monsters, and demons.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Oops, I told my verdict two sentences up, didn’t I? Oh well I’ll say it again. DEMON KNIGHTS IS A MUST READ SERIES.