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Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Review


If anyone is looking for Iron Man, he is on the planet Spartax with the Guardians.  He took a vacation from Earth to venture out into the universe.  Earlier in the series the king of Spartax made a new galactic rule that no one is allowed on Earth.  Becoming suspicious of the king, who is also his father, Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord and the Guardians head towards Earth.  They run into Iron Man who has intercepted the war ship of the Badoon, terrorist aliens.  They defeated the Badoon but were arrested by the Spartax Royal Guard for violating the rule.

The Guardians have been sentenced to the living prison.  All of their weapons were confiscated, even Tony Stark’s armor.  Meanwhile the meeting of the Galactic Council became heated when the king of Spartax accused the Badoon of ordering the attack on Earth.  After the king left the meeting the Council expressed their concerns and suspicions of the king.

The Royal Guard thought they arrested ALL the Guardians.  Let’s see here.  There’s Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Drax the Destroyer, Iron Man.  That’s right they forgot GROOT!  That little twig sitting in a flower-pot was overlooked.  In case you don’t already know, Groot can regenerate from a twig.  I will just say that the Guardians were glad to see him.  After taking over the Spartax Battleship Star-Lord addressed the entire fleet of ships, warning them to be wary of his father, the king.

I am still enjoying this Marvel NOW! title.  And it’s not because I stare longer at the panels with Tony Stark and Star-Lord.  It is because the Guardians is a badass team.  Gamora, the green alien lady, is said to be the most dangerous woman in the universe.  There’s the raccoon that gets a kick out of shooting people.  Uh oh, did I just call Rocket a raccoon?  I hope he didn’t hear me.  Drax likes to smash things.  Things as in people.  And then there’s Groot.  I would run as soon as I see him.

Brian Michael Bendis is the writer.  Dialogue is sharp and witty.  The interactions among the Guardians is worthy of being envied.  It is obvious the group values loyalty and friendship, and they respect their leader, Star-Lord.

The art team consists of Steve McNiven, Sara Pichelli, John Dell and Justin Ponsor.  Lifelike characters, finely detailed.  Scary looking aliens.  Great visual storytellers.  I can’t name my favorite panels because that would be all of them.  I also like the cover.  Rocket Raccoon is definitely not one to be messed with.

I definitely plan to continue reading this series.  I said I didn’t like Gamora’s costume in my review of issue #1.  There was no need for the space suit in this story, so I’m curious as to what she will be wearing in future issues.  I like her attire in this issue, however.  Baring flesh, but still kicking butt.  I am also curious as to what the king of Spartax really has up his sleeve.

VERDICDT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title.