Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Review


If there is anyone worthy of being on the cover of Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s the team that’s already pictured on it.  It can’t get any better than this.  The Guardians include:

  • Starlord of Spartax
  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Groot – Did you know he can regenerate from a twig? 
  • Gamora – The most dangerous female in the universe.
  • Rocket Raccoon – Please make sure you don’t call him a raccoon, because it will definitely be your last.

Starlord receives an unexpected visit from his dad, the King of Spartax.  He tells Starlord that Earth is off-limits to all extraterrestrials.  He also wants Starlord to drop his “broken” friends and take his rightful place as the firstborn of Spartax.

Can Starlord trust his dad?  Is the King of Spartax really looking out for the best interest of his son?  Exactly why did the Galactic Council ban ALL extraterrestrial interactions on Earth?

We learned the events leading up to how Peter Quill became Starlord in the debut issue.  Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is a powerful story featuring a kick ass team.  Especially with Rocket Raccoon and Gamora on board.

This action packed series with sharp dialogue and compelling, yet complex characters is written by Brian Michael Bendis.

I am really liking this Marvel NOW! series so far.  The Guardians is an awesome team that values friendship and loyalty.  They can be funny and serious at the same time.  Bendis is doing a superb job with this story. 

The art team includes  Steve McNiven (pencils), John Dell (inker), and Justin Ponsor (colors).  These guys are excellent at visual storytelling. 

The only complaint I have with the art is Gamora’s costume.  She is completely covered and you can barely see her face.  She’s one of the main reasons I’m reading Guardians of the Galaxy, but her costume has taken a lot of that excitement away.  There’s one panel where I couldn’t even tell that she’s green.  I was expecting her to look as she did in Nova.  Instead she looks like an ordinary girl.

Being a female myself, I want female characters in comics to look feminine.  Bare a little flesh.  Let the hair down.  I am not drawn to a story by its’ script alone.  The artwork pulls me in as well.  Believe me when I say I can sit and stare at Starlord and Tony Stark for hours.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

There is no doubt that I highly recommend Guardians of the Galaxy.