Superior Spider-Man #6AU Review


Ultron has destroyed the world.  Unless the handful of surviving superheroes can come up with a plan to destroy Ultron and his drones, all hope will be lost.

Superior Spider-Man 6AU, a Marvel NOW! title, is a tie-in to Age of Ultron.  Spider-Man blames himself for the destruction of humankind.  When Tony Stark (Iron Man) tells him of a plan that could send Ultron to another dimension, Spidey agrees to help.  Especially since the plan involves him going to Horizon Labs.  Once inside the lab, Spider-Man begins to devise his own plan for Ultron.

Doc Ock  (we all should know by now that Otto Octavius is now Spider-Man) boasted of his accomplishments.  Successes that Peter Parker failed to achieve.  He even shows off his skills of controlling machines mentally when the drones arrived.

This comic is a one-shot and I’m taking extra precaution as to not spoil anything.  But I will say that I liked the story, especially when Superior Spider-Man fought the drones.

Christos Gage is the writer.  Well written dialogue.  Excellent timing.

Great artwork by Dexter Soy.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this Marvel NOW! title if you’re a reader of Age of Ultron and Superior Spider-Man.