Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2 Review


Can you imagine a Deadpool more psychotic than our own?  I couldn’t either until I started reading this mini series.  There are many universes with alternate versions of Deadpool.  I know this may be hard to imagine, but not all of them are manic and homicidal as the Deadpool we know, the Marvel Now! title I read every month.

WARNING TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN:  Deadpool is extremely violent and caution should be taken while reading this comic around young children.

There is one insane Deadpool counterpart that believes he is nothing more than a fictional character, and he is on a Deadpool killing spree across the multiverse.  Whether it’s Earth-616 Deadpool or an alternate reality version, Deadpool is Deadpool.  That should tell you that there will be plenty of violence and bloodshed.

This issue is filled with lots of alternate reality Deadpools, some I know of, others I don’t.  The Deadpool Corps play a major part in the story, and there is Wolverinepool and a badass Pandapool.  The last page of this comic is unbelievable.  GALACTUSPOOL!

This funny, but violent story is written by Cullen Bunn.  Excellent dialogue and hilarious character interactions.  I especially like the Watcher.  He’s a fanboy and I like when he turns and talks to the reader.

Salva Espin is the artist, and Veronica Gandini is the colorist.  I like how the Watcher is sporting his Deadpool fanboy gear throughout the story.  I could do nothing but laugh before I even read the dialogue.  I also like the spread with Deadpool Corps battling their evil counterparts.  And of course I love that last page.  GALACTUSPOOL!  Gandini brings this comic to life, especially with the bright explosions.  But I’m no stranger to her work.  She is the colorist for one of my favorite Marvel NOW! titles, Fearless Defenders.

I definitely plan to continue reading this title.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title for mature readers only.