Screwed #3 Review


In the debut issue we were introduced to a young lady that awoke from a coma in a hospital covered in scars, as if her body was taken apart and sewn back together.  We also learned that she regenerates through electricity and has superhuman strength.  Her mind is warped as well, causing her to see everyone as monsters.  The worst part is that she has no recollection of her identity, or how she ended up this way.

Searching through missing person reports, agent Erin Scott discovers the modern-day Frankenstein’s name is Anne Gallo, a missing college student.  Agent Scott is trying her best to solve the case, but the evil and manipulative agent Simon Beckett (whom I didn’t trust from day one), is standing in her way.  Actually agent Beckett is somehow involved with Anne’s misfortune.

I am still liking this horror comic by Zenescope.  It is dark, mysterious and full of violence and bloodbaths.  Anne is very destructive and kills everyone in her path, because her fragmented mind makes her believe everyone she sees is a monster.

Tyler Kirkham and Keith Thomas are the writers of this well written, twisted horror story.  The character interactions are dark and scary, except for Agent Scott.  She appears to be the only character in the story that has Anne’s best interest at heart.

Awesome artwork by David Miller (pencils) and Oracle (colors).  Lots of gore, guts, brain exposed monsters, and high-tech weapons.  Well defined characters and scary looking monsters.  I don’t know what’s scarier, Anne’s stitched up body or Suture’s monstrous face.  Suture is a resurrected surgeon, and one of the ringleaders of these horrific experiments.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this title to readers of horror.