Thor: God of Thunder #11 Review


The long and fierce battle has finally come to an end. At the end of the last issue Gorr triggered the Godbomb. Using both his and future Thor’s Mjolnirs, present Thor faced the Godbomb head-on, but he was unable to stop it from exploding.

Gorr the God butcher dedicated his life to purposely kill off divinity. This wretched creature built a bomb that was capable of exploding and killing all Gods throughout time and space. Although the Godbomb was Gorr’s creation, he didn’t build it. The Gods that Gorr enslaved over the years built the bomb. Three of those Gods were the granddaughters of future King Thor (remember this story travels through time and space so the other two weren’t aware of their existence at first).

The explosion traveled at a rapid speed and immediately began to kill Gods across time, without warning. The sad part is, most of the Gods didn’t even know what was happening. Then for a moment all the Gods shared a vision of present Thor fighting the Godbomb with two hammers, and they all prayed to him. Thor heard and answered their prayers.

Jason Aaron is the writer. Great dialogue and Aaron does a superb job at scripting all three Thors. Their distinctive maturity levels is obvious. Past Thor is young, carefree and arrogant. He has not earned the hammer at this time. Present Thor has a touch of arrogance, but he’s more mature and has earned his hammer. He’s also an Avenger. Future King Thor is old and wise.

The art team consists of Esad Ribic (artist) and Ive Svorcina (colors). I have nothing but the highest of compliments for these visual storytellers. Emotion sparking scenes. I especially like the panel where King Odin prays to Thor, his son. And I LOVE the double spread of Thor the Avenger striking Gorr. The bright flashes of lightning coming from the hammers, the darkness of Thor engulfed by All-Black the necrosword and the loud, ground shaking roar of thunder, (thanks to VC’s Joe Sabino for the letters) is breathtaking.

The Asgardian God of Thunder has been one of my favorite superheroes for a long time, and I have been a loyal reader of this title since the Marvel NOW! launch. I definitely plan to continue reading this title. The next issue should serve as a good jump-on point, if you don’t want to read the back issues.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title.