Kick-Ass: Volume 1 Review


Dave Lizewski is an average teenager and comic geek.  Becoming more and more obsessed with his comics, he decides to become a real-life superhero.  He buys a wetsuit off eBay, spends most of his lunchtime at the gym and eats a high protein diet to build muscle.  He also practices walking on rooftops.

Dave’s first run-in with crime didn’t go well at all.  He was brutally stabbed and beaten by street thugs, but that didn’t stop him.  He donned that wetsuit the moment he was free of his crutches.  Trying to save a man from a gang of thugs he suffers another beating.  But this time the attack is recorded and the video goes viral.  Thus we have Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass attracts the attention of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, and they blackmail him into joining them to take down Johnny G, a crime boss.

This 8 issue mini-series is SICKER THAN SICK.  I am appalled that a story about young children running around cursing and committing murder is on store shelves.

I also cannot believe the torture received by Kick-Ass and Hit Girl.  Kick-Ass was beaten and stabbed to the brink of death.  He underwent four operations and had a metal plate put into his head.  He was also electrocuted by having cables connected to his testicles.  Hit-Girl was beaten and received several gunshot wounds to her back before falling out of a window.

The language used by Kick-Ass and Hit Girl is beyond the washing the mouth out with soap method.  Kick-Ass is the typical teenager, so I’ll cut him some leniency.  But Hit Girl is 10 years old and under no circumstances should she be calling anyone a cunt or dickhead.

Icon Comics, an imprint of Marvel, is the publisher.

Mark Millar is the writer of this sick and twisted story.  There is so much foul language and violence in this series.  Children are running around cursing and killing like it’s a good thing, and the adults are tormenting them.

John Romita, Jr. is the artist.  The graphics are just as sickening as the dialogue.  Total Bloodbath.  Hit Girl, a 10 year-old that should be playing with Bratz dolls, jumping rope and learning the cup song, slices and dices body parts instead.  In one panel, she split a man’s head in half with a meat cleaver.  She also snorts Condition Red, “a super-secret chemical compound designed by scientists,” she says.  Yeah right.

To write, illustrate and publish material of this nature is beyond sick.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Due to the graphic nature of this story I CANNOT AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS TITLE TO ANYONE.