Hoax Hunters #10 Review


TITLE:  Hoax Hunters #10
WRITER:  Michael Moreci
WRITER:  Steve Seeley
ARTIST:  Tristan “T-Rex” Jones
RELEASE DATE: September 4, 2013

After reading a review copy of Hoax Hunters #10, I now wish the release date was sooner than two weeks. It was more than obvious in my last review that I am enjoying this title, and this post will be nothing less. The creators are back from their hiatus with a new artist on board, Tristan “T-Rex” Jones.

In case you don’t already know, Hoax Hunters is a reality television show that debunks stories and sightings of monsters, aliens and cryptids. But the show is a cover-up, as the creatures are real.

The entire Hoax Hunters team is back as well. Jack is still that handsome leader with the muscles. Regan is the female eye candy with mystical powers. Ken Cadaver appears even more zombie-like, and no one can ever forget Murder, the crow-filled spacesuit. Even Donovan, the show’s producer (I still don’t trust him) plays a major role in this issue.

Strange sightings have been reported, within a 48-hour period, in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana (*wipes sweat from forehead* I’m glad Michigan is not involved). Jack suggests they split up and work in small groups but Donovan has his own hidden agenda, which includes Regan accompanying him to South America. At this point, Murder is nowhere to be found.

Believing she would find answers about her curse, Regan follows Donovan to South America. However he reveals to Regan the true motive of their trip. The demon they are searching for could possibly be the one responsible for Regan’s curse. There is also a book, a relic, that could prove fatal to the world if it lands into the wrong hands. The demon is after this book and Donovan needs Regan’s help to track both the demon and the book.

Meanwhile, Ken and Jack are left behind with two staff members to serve as substitutes. They are not happy about the arrangement because Regan is the most powerful person on the team. As Ken and Jack exit the building, they find Murder outside and it’s not a pretty sight.

This well written script is the beginning of the final arc of season one. Character interactions are outstanding and I especially like the characterizations of Jack and Donovan. Jack displays strong leadership skills and is working in the best interest of the team and organization. Donovan, the show’s cool and arrogant producer that can turn evil and monstrous at any given moment, is far from trustworthy and harbors deep, dark secrets.

This horror dialogue is accompanied by great visuals. The demonic monster that confronts Regan and Ken Cadaver’s creepy, glowing eyes and zombie-like appearance is enough to give me the scare that I seek while reading horror stories. T-Rex has already proven to be a valuable asset to this title.

I gave a long spill in my last review, so this one will be brief. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT FOR THE TRADE TO BE RELEASED. Hoax Hunters is so dark and creepy that you don’t want to wait months for it to be compiled into a trade. BUY THE SINGLE ISSUES. I read a lot of comic books and a lot of them sell themselves. My comics include Justice League and Superior Spider-Man, big titles with big names attached. With that being said, I am going to continue to tweet, re-tweet, share, blog and verbally spread the word about this indie title. I have been a horror fan since childhood and this is one title I definitely do not want to see canceled. Hoax Hunters is X-Files, MythBusters and Ghost Hunters rolled into one, so you know that this title is a MUST READ.

I cannot wait until September 4 to get my hands on the printed SINGLE ISSUE (I had to throw that in again) that will be waiting in my pulls.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

It should be more than obvious that I highly recommend this title, published by Image Comics.