Nova #11 Review


If you haven’t already started reading Nova, now is the perfect time, but you will need to grab issue #10, the start of a new arc and writer.

Nova #11 is Gerry Duggan’s first full solo issue, after he debuted last issue with a back-up story.  I stopped reading Nova after the first arc, but upon learning that Duggan was taking over as writer, I made it a requirement to at least read the first story arc.  Duggan is the writer of one of my favorite Marvel titles, Deadpool.  Since Deadpool is nowhere near suitable for kids, I was curious as to how Duggan would handle Sam Alexander, a typical teenager with a powerful helmet.  Duggan is just as humorous on this title, as he is with Deadpool.

Sam Alexander is still that mouthy, full-of-attitude, impulsive teenager.  A mirror image of my tween son.

In the last issue, Sam appeared to have been going blind.  But in the current issue, Sam figures out what is really going on.  I must admit that it’s the perfect twist to begin a storyline.

Great artwork by Paco Medina (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), and David Curiel (colors).  Great facial expressions, and Sam’s little sister is a cutie pie.  I have no complaints at all in this area.

Nova #10 is the perfect jump-on point for new comic readers, or for those looking for a fun comic to read that’s suitable for all ages.  I plan to read this Marvel title, at least through the first story arc.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

If you’re a Nova fan, looking for new comics to read or a jump-on point, then I highly recommend this all-ages title.