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Hoax Hunters Books 1 and 2 Review

hoaxhunter1 hoaxhunter2

If you’re a fan of television shows like X-Files, MythBusters and Ghost Hunters, then this is the perfect comic series for you.

Hoax Hunters is a reality television show that debunks stories and sightings of monsters, aliens and cryptids. But the show is actually a cover-up. The creatures are real and they’re either protected or eliminated by the hunters.

Members of the Hoax Hunters:

  • Jack – Leader. Former FBI agent.
  • Regan – Attractive female with mystical powers.
  • Ken Cadaver – Former NASA scientist. Created a re-animator that was used against him. Zombie-like with psychic powers.
  • Murder – A spacesuit filled with crows! That’s right, there is no human in that spacesuit.

I didn’t know too much about this title, published by Image Comics, until I met Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley during my visit to Motor City Comic Con back in May. They are the creative writers of this dark, sci-fi, mystical, scary and fun series. Not only were Moreci and Seeley very friendly, but they also took their time explaining the series to me. Since I am a fan of dark, horror, sci-fi, monsters, aliens, ghosts and all the other dark and creepy adjectives, I bought both trades.

Book One contains issues #0-#5 and Book Two contains issues #6-#9. The creative team is taking a break during the months of July and August, and issue #10 will be released in September.

I cannot wait until September to get my hands on the next issue. I was immediately hooked after reading both trades. The monsters, gnomes, and the possessed girl in the haunted house are all real. But there is an underlying mystery, as well. Jack is left in the dark about his father, who was not only a Hoax Hunter, but his whereabouts are unknown to Jack.

I have never read such believable fiction until I read Hoax Hunters. I’m starting to believe that cryptids do exist. Okay I’ll confess, I’ve ALWAYS believed that Sasquatch (Bigfoot) existed. And the Abominable Snowman. Does that make me an honorary Hoax Hunter? But this is why I am enjoying the series. Debunking myths and legends in front of the camera, while secretly dealing with them in reality.

The main characters are compelling, yet complex. Jack is the tough guy with the muscles. Regan is probably the most powerful. Ken is quiet, mysterious and haunted by his past. Murder can’t talk but somehow his teammates know what he’s saying. Their interactions with him are funny, except when he’s alerting them of danger.

By the way, be careful when you’re around Donovan, the show’s producer. He’s not one to be trusted.

JM Ringuet, Axel Medellin, Emilio Laiso, Brent Schoonover, Charo Solis, and Rosario Costanzo are the creative artists on these stories. Excellent visual storytellers. I have no complaints in this area at all. The entire art team deserves a round of applause.

I found a couple of resources that keep readers up-to-date on the series:

This title is a creator owned series. Therefore, we as readers need to spread the word to buy single issues. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE TRADES TO BE RELEASED. The continuation of comics is dependent upon its sales of singles. This is not Batman, X-Men or some other big named title. There are no big gun names attached like Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis or Dan Slott. Therefore, this title is harder to sell. It’s up to the readers to keep this series going. I buy singles AND trades because I only like to read my singles once. No fingerprints or smudges are allowed on my books.

I became an instant fan and loyal reader of Hoax Hunters and I plan to continue reading the series. I also plan to help market this title by talking to customers and staff at the comic shop and posting on the social media circuits.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

It should be more than obvious that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TITLE.

Morning Glories #27 Review


It has been a while since I blogged about Morning Glories, and A LOT has happened since then. For those of you that are new to this title, Morning Glory Academy is a prestigious boarding school. But this is no ordinary school. Morning Glory Academy (MGA) harbors dark and deadly secrets. There are unique and strict teaching methods at MGA such as deception, manipulation, torture and death. David, a ghost with three heads, lurks around the school and the staff don’t seem to notice. The students share the same birthday and their parents are instructed, I mean warned, to cease all communication with their child once they leave for the academy. Parents who don’t adhere to the warning suffer severe consequences.

This double-sized issue of season 2 is just as complex, confusing and bizarre as the issues in season 1, which is a good thing because that’s what this series is all about. The best part about it is that it’s double-sized, meaning double confusion. Morning Glories is a story that leaves you lost and confused because the mysteries surrounding the academy and the student body gets more complicated with every issue. We still don’t know who the Headmaster is. Exactly who is David and why aren’t the teachers afraid of him? What made rifle-toting Irina so trigger happy? And what in the world is that enormous funnel-shaped object spinning in the school’s basement?

There are a couple of new additions to the series beginning with season 2. At the end of every issue you will find a shortened study hall version. And there is a recap of where the story is so far. The characters in the recap are babies, and they are so cute (in my mommy voice)!

Nick Spencer is the creative writer of this dark and twisted story. Each character is complex, some harder to understand than others. Dialogue is strong and powerful, and the character interactions are breathtaking. Morning Glories is probably the most chilling story on the market right now.

Backing up this chilling dialogue with the visuals are Joe Eisma (art) and Alex Sollazzo (colors). The characters are lifelike from their facial expressions, to their body language. I love Sollazzo’s contrast of colors between the light and dark scenes. I can spot their artwork a mile away, without my glasses.

I am enjoying MORNING GLORIES. It is dark, supernatural, mystical, biblical references, confusing, mysterious, and all-around entertaining. I also like the tight-knit community that the creative team and fans of this comic has become. The creative team put a lot of work into this series, but that doesn’t stop them from interacting with their fans. They are not hard to find (especially if you’re on Twitter) and they respond to questions, comments and complaints (people actually complain, can you believe that? But it’s usually minor stuff like why the different covers and release dates).

Some of the ways Morning Glories fans are spoiled, by both the creative team and some of the fans themselves include:

  • Online fan chat the night an issue is released. Spencer and Eisma usually drop in. I dropped in for this issue and Spencer, Eisma And Sollazzo were there as well. Details on upcoming issues, including special guest artists, are sometimes announced before they’re made public.
  • Facebook fan page
  • Various covers (at times), each of them at cover price. This issue has 8 covers by various artists. Did I say they’re all at cover price?
  • Eisma always announce when he puts his original art up for sale. There are prints and information about commission sketches on the site as well.

Season 2 is a good jump-on point for those that are looking for a place to start in the series. I suggest picking up the trades from season 1 as well so you can feel and appreciate the full effect of the story.

One thing I want to stress is to NOT WAIT ON THE TRADES TO COME OUT. What does Batman, Superman and X-Men all have in common? You guessed it. They’re all big named titles with big names attached, and owned by the Big 2. Morning Glories is a creator-owned series and the continuation of these type of comics are dependent on us, its’ readers. In other words, buy the singles when they’re released. Don’t wait months for them to collect in a trade. There won’t be any trades if the singles aren’t selling. And this is one title I definitely would not want to get canceled. Therefore I am going to do all I can to help promote this series, which is published by Image. I buy the singles AND trades. Why both? Because I read singles only one time, unless it’s crucial that I go through the book again. I don’t like smudges, fingerprints, creases, bends and tears. NOTHING. I learned about this series at a con, and the first three trades were already released. I bought and read them all, then bought all the back issues. And I haven’t opened any of those back issues to this day. Well I may have opened the first issue to let Spencer sign it. Come on, I couldn’t help it. He and Eisma are so adorable! Besides I let them sign my trades. I haven’t met Sollazzo but I’m sure he’s just as nice and friendly.

By the way, the new additions I mentioned above, the shortened version of study hall and the recap will only appear in the singles, digital and print. NOT TRADES. Just thought I’d throw that in there to give you a little extra push to buy the single issues.

Don’t forget to head over to Multiversity for the MGA Study Hall. I usually type MGA Study Hall in the search box at the top of their site, and read the lecture notes. But beware, this is no easy session. These guys break the issue down, page by page. Panel by panel.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

If you don’t know my recommendation by now, then I suggest that you keep reading this post until you know. Wait, I’ll help you out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TITLE.

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 Review


It was the depression era. The year was 1932. Sheldon Sampson, a wealthy businessman, had dreams of being called to an island where he would find answers and help for his country, the United States. But this island is mysterious, as no one has ever heard of it or seen it. It appears only in Sheldon’s dreams. After traveling a great distance, he found and hired a crew to take him to this land of the unknown.

Sheldon’s brother, Walter, and some of his friends from college left for their journey, not knowing what was in store for them. All they had to go by was a picture of the island that Sheldon drew for them. The crew reached the mountainous island, but no one outside the group knows what happened while they were there. They never even talked about it amongst themselves. The only thing that is known is that they returned home as superheroes. Costumes and all.

The story jumps to the present. The children of the now aging superheroes have super powers, but most of them do not take their responsibilities of being a superhero seriously. The aging superheroes are still out in the field fighting villains while most of their children are living life in the fast lane. Sheldon’s children are partygoers and drug users. His arrogant son, Brandon, takes care of superhero groupies in the mens’ rooms at clubs. His sister, Chloe, is a drug abuser and uses the renowned name of her family to gain publicity, fame and endorsements. Soaking up the spotlight while doing nothing to earn it. They’re both slackers. They don’t care about saving the country. They just want to live carefree.

Walter’s son, Jules, is a slacker also. When a fight erupts between the heroes and a villain, Jules stayed back. His plan was to jump in at the end and throw a few blows.  He is also using the family name for his own personal fame.

The economy is weak and the two brothers, Sheldon and Walter, engage in a verbal dispute over their roles as public servants. Walter feels it’s his moral responsibility to show the president what needs to be done to stabilize the economy. Sheldon, on the other hand, wants to continue fighting crime, as he feels that politics are to be left to the politicians.

Jupiter’s Legacy #1, a new by Image Comics, is a story about a generation gap and the problems in-between this gap. Children of renowned superheroes who has no desire to follow in their parents footsteps.

I went into this title with no idea of what it was about, therefore I didn’t know what to expect.  Although the script is well-written by Mark Millar, the story didn’t grab my attention at all.  There was no substance for me to get hooked on.  Younger readers may find this story boring and hard to follow. Sure you have the younger generation running around partying, abusing drugs and feeding off their parents names, but you also have their parents, older heroes who believe in serving their country and being responsible. They care about the economy, their country and the people in it. Younger readers may not care too much about the latter.

I like the artwork. Frank Quitely (artist), and Peter Doherty (colors). I like how the appearance and style of the kids’ costumes immensely contrasts with that of the more classic style of costumes worn by the older heroes.

I was bored stiff by this debut issue.  I only found one page turner. And I couldn’t turn it because it was the last page.  As of now I’m up in the air as to whether I will give the next issue a try or not.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I do not recommend this title.

Sex #2 Review


In my review of Sex #1, I said I would not be reading future issues because the title caught my attention, but not the story.  Well the title caught my attention again.  But as with the debut issue of Sex, I am still clueless as to what this comic is about.

Simon Cooke is a wealthy businessman with a bland personality.  He returned from a 7-month sabbatical last issue, but didn’t appear to be happy or surprised to see anyone.  It was business as usual.  Simon is also modest, showing no interest or arousal at the females at the club he visited.  He also turned away a call girl who was waiting for him at his home.

I tried to make sense out of the story by trying to figure out the roles the supporting characters play in Simon’s life.  So far I haven’t come up with much.  Warren, Simon’s attorney, is a pimp.  There is The Old Man, a gangster that looks older than Methuselah.  Annabelle Lagravenese is the club owner.  She and Simon appear to have a history together.  There is an elderly lady Simon talks to but I don’t know who she is, or her relation to him.  There’s more supporting characters but I know less about them then the ones I mentioned above.

There are more explicit scenes in this issue than the last, which is one of the reasons for my purchase.  Even The Old Man is going at it with a beautiful young woman.  Another reason I bought this title is because I am not afraid of it.  By ‘it’ I mean human sexuality.  This series tackles sexuality.  Temptation.  Worldly pleasures.  Breaking out of ones’ shell to enjoy life.

Joe Casey is the writer.

I like the artwork.  I am a mature adult who is not afraid to say that I also like the explicit scenes.  Especially the panel where Annabelle and Simon are in the Community Lounge.  Good visual storytelling to accompany the dialogue.  Piotr Kowalski is the artist and Brad Simpson is the colorist.

Sex, by Image Comics, is slow and dull.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

Although Sex is a catchy title, the story is not.  The storyline is moving too slow.  I do not recommend this title.

Sex #1 Review


After a 7 month sabbatical, Simon Cooke returns home to Saturn City. Although his staff and attorney are happy for his return, Simon is nonchalant throughout the story.

I bought this issue without knowing anything about it. I have not read any previews, reviews or interviews. I wanted to read it because I wanted to know what is going on in the story that would cause a lot of retailers to not sell the comic in their shops. When I couldn’t find it on the shelf at my local comic shop, I asked the owners if they ordered the book. The book was ordered but it was behind the counter. They said it was due to explicit graphics. But I wonder if any of the retailers read a preview, or if the comic was simply judged by its’ title.

Sex, by Image Comics, is a catchy title. I flipped through the pages before reading it, and didn’t see anything worthy of getting banned. There are a few explicit pages. Simon is in a suite (sitting on a sofa) at a gentlemen’s club. Sliding doors open to reveal two women performing sexual acts on each other. Simon sits and watches quietly. Angry that he’s not masturbating, one of the ladies calls him out on it. The door slams and a woman, who Simon appears to know, walks out and tells Simon the ladies are not allowed to talk to the clients. That’s it for the sex in the story.

With a title like Sex, I thought the comic would mostly consist of sex and crime. Something that would be worth displaying from behind the counter. There is nothing in this issue that needs to be banned from the shelves of comic shops. Maybe in future issues, but definitely not this one.

There is only one curse word in this story. The lady that became angry with Simon called him an asshole. That is the only obscene word I read in the story.

One thing that concerns me is that Sex was behind the counter at my local comic shop. On the other hand, Crossed, a title published by Avatar Press, was not. I walked right into the store and grabbed an issue right off the shelf.  And that is far WORSE than Sex.

I didn’t get much out of this story at all. I know that Simon Cooke took a 7 month sabbatical. He has his own company, The Cooke Company. He was a part of a group called The Armored Saints. A kingpin, who looks old as dirt, shows up at the club with two bodyguards. Overall, I have no idea what this series is about or where it’s going. I will not be reading farther than I already have, issue #1. Although the title grabbed my attention, the story did not.

The story is written by Joe Casey. The art team consists of Piotr Kowalski (artist) and Brad Simpson (colorist). I have no complaints at all about the artwork. Kowalski and Simpson did a great job.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I do not recommend this title.