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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23 Review


The story begins one year after the fight between Spider-Man and Venom that left his mother dead and father injured. Spider-Man, aka Miles Morales decided to give up being a superhero.

Outside of being a superhero, Miles Morales is an ordinary teenager living an ordinary life. He has his best friend, Ganke, at his side. There’s also a teenage Katie Bishop, Miles’ girlfriend. Miles feels that since he is no longer Spider-Man, he can tell Katie about his secret past. However Ganke warns him against it, fearing that Katie will be put in harms’ way if she learns the truth.

At a rendezvous with Spider-Woman, Miles became upset when she tried to hand him a briefcase. After a brief dispute with her, Miles took off, leaving the briefcase behind.

I haven’t read Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, by Marvel Comics, since issue #4. I decided to grab and read this issue after Brian Michael Bendis, writer, tweeted that this issue would be a good jump-on point. And he was right. Several events took place in this issue:

  • Discussion between Miles and Ganke about his giving up being Spider-Man and whether he should tell Katie his secret or not
  • The meeting with Spider-Woman
  • Running into Gwen Stacy while at dinner with his dad
  • An explosion/fight outside the restaurant (No spoilers given. You’ll have to read and find out the couple that’s involved)

I really enjoyed this story. Well-written dialogue that is easy to read for all ages. I especially like the exchanges between Miles and Ganke. Short and to the point. But Miles appears in need of an attitude adjustment, having telling both Ganke and Spider-Woman (on separate occasions) they need to respect him. But then again, typical teenager.

Although I haven’t read this series in a while, I can definitely see a difference in the physical appearance of an older Miles Morales. He lost the baby face and although he is still cute, he is now a teenage boy with the height and attitude to go with it. Thanks to the creative team of Dave Marquez (artist) and Justin Ponsor (colors) for the visuals. Well defined features, especially Miles and Ganke.

I plan to continue reading the series to see where it’s heading. With Bendis as the writer, it can only go one way. UP.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend Ultimate Comics Spider-Man for all ages.

Superior Spider-Man #9 Review


A dying Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock, found a way to switch bodies with Peter Parker.  Having gained the memories, powers and skills of Spider-Man, Otto now realizes the responsibilities that comes with being Spider-Man.  Otto vowed to be a better Spider-Man.  A smarter Spider-Man.  SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.  However a small piece of Peter Parker is in the brain of the Superior Spider-Man.  Stuck in Otto’s brain, Peter is forced to watch Otto live his life and trying his hardest to keep Otto in check and out of trouble.

In the last issue, the Avengers forced Spider-Man to undergo extensive testing and evaluations because of his erratic behavior.  Test results did not reveal an imposter and Spider-Man was released with probation.

Seeing an anomaly on his brain scan, Spider-Man went to the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic to take back his neuro scanner that was stolen by Cardiac.  Spider-Man learns a little girl was severely brain-damaged during one of his schemes, so he performed surgery on the girl and saved her life.  Borrowing the scanner from the clinic, Spider-Man returned to his lab to study the anomaly in his brain.  He discovered the tiny fragment is Peter Parker!  Otto informs Peter that he is aware of him and that he plans to extract him from his mind once and for all.

The entire storyline in The Superior Spider-Man #9, a Marvel NOW! title by Marvel Comics, is about the lobectomy, and its’ outcomes, performed on Otto to destroy Peter Parker.  Or Peter Parkerectomy, as Dan Slott, writer, coined in the last issue.

Without giving any spoilers, I will just say that this issue is full of surprises.  I am amazed at the scope of this storyline.  The events that take place in this issue are breathtaking.  Action packed.  Adrenaline inducing.  Peter was not going down without a fight, and he and Otto were prepared for each other.  And well prepared they were.

The Superior Spider-Man series is not to be read lightly.  The more I read this title, the more involved I become in the story.  Especially this issue.  Peter and Otto fought long and hard, but I want to set the physical battle aside and talk about the verbal exchanges between the two of them.  Peter came down hard on Otto about his portrayal as Spider-Man.  He reminded him of nearly being fired from the Avengers, and the brutal treatment towards his enemies, including the murder of one of them (I won’t mention the name in case you haven’t read the issue yet).  He was basically telling Otto that he’s not worthy of being Spider-Man and that he should give him his life back.

Otto, however, broke it down to Peter and let him know why he’s the better Spider-Man.  Peter was always slinging around town being the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.”  Always comical.  Wanting to be loved by everyone.  Not using his powers to its’ fullest extent, he always went easy on his enemies.  Since Otto has been Spider-Man, there has been a reduction of crime in the city.  And he gets full support from the mayor and the police.  Superior Spider-Man has taken down several enemies that Peter Parker went too easy on.  The Vulture and Massacre are perfect examples (again I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t read it yet).

I totally agree with Otto and I feel that he is the better Spider-Man.  He created a device to help Aunt May walk.  He stopped the Vulture from using children as his henchmen.  He re-enrolled in college to take that last credit and write a thesis for his (Peter) Doctorate Degree.  He saved that little girl’s life with the brain damage.  Otto may be a villain, but he is a hero at heart.  He has shown compassion far too many times for it to go unnoticed.

The Superior Spider-Man #9 is probably Slott’s best issue yet.  Well written and engaging dialogue.  Phenomenal character interactions.  Compelling characters, especially Otto.  A lot of information is packed in this fast paced story but it’s not hard to follow.

Superb artwork by Ryan Stegman (artist) and Edgar Delgado (colors).  These two are great at visual storytelling.  I especially like the cover.  Hmmm, I wonder if the layout of my brain spells my name.  Ummm that’s okay.  I don’t want to find out.

There is no doubt that I will continue to read The Superior Spider-Man.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this Marvel NOW! title.

Wolverine and the X-Men #27 AU Review


Ultron has destroyed humankind. There are only a few survivors and they are scattered around the world. Most of the superheroes were killed. Wolverine and the X-Men #27 AU, an Age of Ultron tie-in by Marvel Comics, gives us a look at an attempt to prevent this catastrophe from occurring.

Ultron, an artifical intellect, was created by Henry Pym, a founding member of the Avengers. Wolverine, one of the few surviving X-Men, and Sue Storm Richards, the only Fantastic Four survivor, travels back to the past in hopes of finding and confronting Hank, to try to stop him from creating Ultron. Wolverine plans to stop Hank by whatever means necessary.

After arriving at a guarded, off-line S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, Wolverine and Sue decides to split up. Wolverine is to look for a battery, while Sue looks for records, tracking devices, and anything else that will give her an idea of Hank’s location.

Using the monitors to try to locate Hank, Sue realizes the system is set up to monitor everyone on Earth that has super powers. They’re even monitored in their own homes. She watched her life change before her, starting from a particular day at the Baxter Building.

Wolverine attempts to save an alien creature, only to realize the creature is the Brood! After killing the alien parasite, he realizes that he is the one responsible for the Brood becoming evil.

This title is a one-shot. An Age of Ultron tie-in. It is difficult for me to review a one-shot because I do not want to disclose too much information. So I usually just post somewhat of a shell of the story. This way you will have something to look forward to in the story. Like what happened when Sue watched that day at the Baxter Building? Exactly what went down between Wolverine and the Brood?

I really enjoyed this story and it is to be continued in Age of Ultron #6. Well written dialogue. Matt Kindt is the writer.

Great artwork. No complaints in that area. Paco Medina is the artist. David Curiel and Rachelle Rosenberg are the colorists.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

If you are reading Age of Ultron, then you should be reading all the tie-ins. Since Wolverine and the X-Men #27 AU is a tie-in, you should be reading this title as well. I highly recommend this title by Marvel Comics.

Age of Ultron #6 Review


Ultron had one goal.  And that goal was to destroy humanity.  Ultron is an artificial intelligence (robot) created by Henry “Hank” Pym, a founding member of the Avengers.

Ultron attempted many times to destroy the world, but the Avengers stopped him every time.  Some predicted he would succeed one day.  And that day has come.  Ultron has destroyed humankind.  There are only a few survivors, scattered around the world.

In the last issue, the surviving heroes travelled to the Savage Land, where they met up with Ka-Zar and Nick Fury.  They soon learned, thanks to a dying Luke Cage, that Ultron is running his scheme from the future.  Nick Fury has been preparing for the annihilation by Ultron for a long time, and has a stash of weapons and gadgets.  He even has an Iron Man costume!  So a small group of them travelled into the future in an attempt to take on Ultron.  Some of the heroes include Nick Fury, Captain America, Storm, Iron Man and Red Hulk.

However Wolverine had his own agenda:  go back in the past to confront Hank Pym to try to stop him from creating Ultron.  I blogged briefly about that in my review of Wolverine and the X-Men #27 AU.

In Age of Ultron #6, by Marvel Comics, Wolverine has travelled back in the past to the Savage Land, Antarctica.  Sensing someone other than himself, Sue Richard appeared.  The two of them found Hank in the middle of an experiment.  An experiment of advanced artificial intelligence.  Wolverine and Sue confronted Hank, but it wasn’t a friendly meeting.

Meanwhile, following Nick Fury’s lead into the future, the time-travelling heroes encounter an endless number of Ultron patrols.  A long and hard battle follows.

I am still enjoying the Age of Ultron mini-series.  Brian Michael Bendis is the writer.  The dialogue is well-written and each issue is always better than the last.  I like the interactions among the characters.  I am especially amazed at how well they are all working as a team.

This story is not only about survival, but trust as well.  With that being said, the only part about the story I didn’t like is Red Hulk’s interaction with Taskmaster.  Whether or not you trust someone is not an issue right now.  There are only a handful of survivors and teamwork should be prevalent.  Red Hulk was quick to judge.  That bought tears to my eyes.

I love the artwork, especially the going back and forth between the past and the future.  The art team for the present includes Brandon Peterson (artist) and Paul Mounts (colors).  The art team for the past includes Carlos Pacheco (pencils) and Jose Villarrubia (colors)

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend Age of Ultron.

Ultron #1AU Review


Ultron has destroyed humankind. There are only a few survivors scattered around the world. This Marvel NOW! Age of Ultron tie-in depicts how Victor Mancha deals with the catastrophe. In case you don’t already know, Victor is a cyborg created by his father, ULTRON. Yes, Ultron. One of the baddest super villains in the Marvel Universe. Victor was also a member of Runaways, a team of teenage super heroes.

The story takes place in Los Angeles where Victor scours the city looking for survivors. He has already led a few juveniles to safety and provides them with shelter. Everyone he has ever loved has been killed by Ultron, including his mother and the Runaways.

Afraid that the children won’t trust him if they knew he was a cyborg, Victor keeps that part of him a secret. However just as his secret is discovered, all hell breaks loose.

It had been prophesied that Victor would take part in Ultron’s plan. To be a part of the end. Does the prophecy become true in this Age of Ultron tie-in? Grab a copy at your local comic shop and find out!

Because this is a one-shot, I’m not going to say much about the story. But I will say that I enjoyed this title. I like how Victor is handling the destruction of humankind by Ultron. I also like the fact that despite the prophecy of Victor being a part of Ultron’s plan, he dedicates his life trying to NOT becoming like his father.

Written by Kathryn Immonen, the script is detailed and fast paced, yet easy to follow. The story is brought to life by Amilcar Pinna. Great visual storyteller. Not much dialogue is needed to see where the story is going.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

If you are reading Age of Ultron, then you should be reading ALL the tie-ins as well. Ultron #1AU, by Marvel Comics, is one of those tie-ins. I highly recommend this title.

Avenging Spider-Man #18 Review


In the Avenging Spider-Man series, by Marvel Comics, Superior Spider-Man teams up with a character or team in every issue.  In this issue he teams up with The Mighty Thor, God of Thunder, in a battle against Electro.

Electro has found a way to return to Earth, after being shot into space by Thor.  Superior Spider-Man warns Thor of Electro’s return, and that he may be returning to seek vengeance against Thor.  An arrogant Thor laughs and takes the warning lightheartedly.

An angered Spider-Man sought out Electro and learned of his plans to destroy Thor.  He tried to warn Thor a second time, but Thor brushed him off again.  But not for long.  Electro appears and the battle begins.

I started reading this series at issue #16 because of the debut of Superior Spider-Man.  And he is no different from the way he is in the  Superior Spider-Man series.  His true identity (Otto Octavius) is not known.  There is a panel where Superior Spider-Man told Thor to remove his hand from his shoulder, and Thor was astonished.

Avenging Spider-Man is written by Christopher Yost.  Well-written script and I especially like the interactions between Superior Spider-Man and Thor.  They’re both funny, but Spider-Man is funny AND serious at the same time.

I like the artwork.  Marco Checchetto is the artist, and Rachelle Rosenberg is the colorist.  I really like the colors in the fight scenes.  There’s a panel where the lighting is so bright, I almost had to squint to look at it.  I especially like that one!

So far I am liking what I’m reading so I plan to continue to read this Marvel title.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I recommend this series.  If you’re a reader of Superior Spider-Man, hopefully you are already reading Avenging Spider-Man.