Superior Carnage #2 Review


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this issue of Carnage, but this time I read it in broad daylight so that I wouldn’t get scared out of my seat like I did with the first issue.  I wanted that adrenaline rush again, just not at 1 a.m. while the rest of the household was asleep.

Cletus Kasady, the deranged serial killer with a venom symbiote in his bloodstream, has been captured by the Wizard.  His plan was to control Kasady’s mind and make Carnage a member of the Frightful Four.  Learning the hard way that Kasady has been lobotomized, the Wizard devised a new plan; control the symbiote’s brain instead of Kasady’s.

Dr. Malus and Klaw, two recruits for the Frightful Four, watches as the Wizard, who appears to be mentally unstable, endures several brutal attacks by Carnage.  When Dr. Malus tells Wizard that Carnage can be controlled if the venom symbiote is transferred into someone with a working brain, the physically disabled physician involuntarily becomes the candidate, I mean victim.

Meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man was made aware of Carnage’s break from prison by the Wizard and will soon pay them a visit.

WARNING TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN:  Carnage is definitely not for young readers.  Please use caution when reading this comic around young children.

Kevin Shinick is the writer of this gruesome comic.  Well written script.  Dark and scary characters, yet compelling.  The characterization of Carnage is deep, but the Wizard is even more complex.  Interesting dialogue, especially Wizard.  You actually witness his mind deteriorating, or getting crazier and crazier as some may say.

Once again I blame Stephen Segovia (artist), Jay David Ramos (colorist) and Clayton Crain (cover) for the chilling visuals.  Although I knew what to expect after reading the last issue, I still found myself shivering at all the panels with Carnage.  The lettering really stands out, especially the fight scenes, thanks to VC’s Joe Caramagna.  I can still hear Carnage hissing at the Wizard.  I felt so much better when I saw Superior Spider-Man!  (I’m a loyal reader of that title).

There is no doubt that I plan to continue reading this Marvel title.

VERDICT (drum roll please)

I highly recommend this title for mature readers.

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